Your Guide to Buying Valentine’s Day Intimates
Your Guide to Buying Valentine’s Day Intimates
Looking for the perfect set of Valentine’s Day underwear to sport on love day? Get versatile underwear that looks great on Valentine’s Day and is comfortable enough to be worn under your everyday clothing. Find the styles that work best for your body, whether it’s high waist lingerie or a classic black thong; just match your colors to create your perfect set.

Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to add some new items to your underwear drawer. Finding a new bra and underwear should be a fun and exciting experience, and wearing them should make you feel comfortable, confident, and supported. Whether you’re wearing some new items for someone special or treating yourself this Valentine’s Day, here’s a guide to help you pick out your new favorite set.

Bra Styles to Look for

Buying a Valentine’s Day bra doesn’t mean that you should only wear it once a year. Treat yourself to a sensual bra that has the versatility and comfort to be worn on Valentine’s Day and underneath your everyday clothing. Whether you’re looking for a size 30A bra up to 30E bras, the trick is to find the bra style that fits your body’s unique shape best.

The shape of your breasts is also an important indicator as to what bras will offer the most comfort and best accentuate your curves. For example, a balconette style bra is typically best for round breasts, and a plunge bra is best suited for side set breasts. Finding out what bra style complements your breasts best will help you make the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Underwear to Pick Out

Picking out a pair of Valentine’s Day underwear is really all about what you like to see yourself in. With styles ranging from the classic thong to bikini-style underwear to high waist lingerie, you can pick what makes you most comfortable and flatters your form best. High waist underwear is vintage-inspired and should hit high on the waist to accentuate your hips without adding unnecessary fabric. Bikini-style underwear is perfect for everyday wear. Look for a pair with a flattering V-shape design that can be worn high on the waist for a more dramatic look or lower on the hips. The thong is the classic underwear for hiding panty lines and letting your cheeks be the star of the show. Picking the right thong comes down to fabric and materials. You want your thong to be crafted with seamless, soft, and comfortable material.

Matching Colors and Fabrics

The visual impact of a matching set of intimates is a Valentine’s Day staple. Matching your underwear colors also gives you the freedom to mix and match whatever styles fit your body best. Pair red high waist underwear or classic black thongs with a balconette bra or a plunge style bra in the corresponding color, and you’ve made yourself a matching set that works for you. Explore different fabrics and see what you like best. Whether you enjoy classic and comfortable mesh fabric or a sparkly metallic material is more your speed, get yourself a Valentine’s Day set that you can use all year long.

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