Uses of Different Landing Pages
Uses of Different Landing Pages
Landing pages are a great way to Showcase services or products. Let's know more about what are they and how they can be better than ordinary websites.

Types of Landing Pages?


A.   What is Landing page and why to use it?

i)   Meaning: Landing page refers to the static/fixed page of a website. It appears when clicked on the links generated out of the search result page. Landing page acts as a first impression on the eyes of visitors, converting them into customers.

ii) Why?

·       Landing page has the potential to attract visitors and convert them into customers. Thus, resulting into high conversion rates.

·       Landing page gives you a platform to gather information about the visitors like email addresses, name, age etc. Thus, helping you to generate more and more leads to create marketing strategies.

·       Landing page stores impactful content to draw viewer’s attention. Thus, persuading them to buy their product.

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     B.   Types of Landing Pages


·       Splash Landing page

ü  It targets specific group of people for specific goals.

ü  Splash cannot be used for lead generation purpose.

ü  It is used to make an announcement to the users with exciting offers or deals.

ü  To get into details of the page, first it ask visitors about their language/age preference.

ü  The publishers publishes such ads so that they can avail most of the benefits from it.

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·       Squeeze Landing Page

ü  Squeeze landing page is used only for lead generation purpose.

ü  It is short and simple

ü  This page is used to provide exciting free offers to the visitors in order to fetch their email addresses.

ü  It is used as pop-ups so that the visitors can subscribe to the newsletter.

ü  Example: Spin to wheel on pop-ups box and Instagram pages asking visitors to share, like and follow their page in exchange of some free give aways.

·       Lead Capture Landing page

ü  The information in this type of landing page is much longer than squeeze landing pages.

ü  It gathers more information about the visitors like name, job designation, industry type etc.

ü  The information is collected on the basis of website goals.

·       Click-through Landing Page

ü  This landing page provide benefits and features of the products or services so that it can attract viewer’s attention.

ü  It generally offers free trials in order to make visitors purchase the product.

ü  The visitors are redirected to another landing page which showcases price and payment information in order to avail free trials.

ü  This landing page is very effective in converting visitors to customers.

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·       Unsubscribe Landing Page

ü  This type of landing page is used as a last gesture to the users when they are willing to cancel paid subscriptions.

ü  This page showcases the product’s features by offering some additional discounts in order to persuade customers to stay back       

·       Sales Landing page

ü  This landing page includes all important information about your product/services in detail.

ü  The content of such page is quite lengthy as it contains in-depth information.

ü  With the help of this page, one can target to convince buyers to buy their products.

·       Thank you Landing Page

ü  This page is used as a gesture to welcome the visitors on your website.

ü  This page includes discount code and a request to follow your website on social media.

ü  This landing page is used as pop-ups.

·       404 Landing page

ü  This page never look great as it looks more like an error page.

ü  To withdraw such negative attention, you can make this landing page creative

i)            To generate leads and

ii)           Direct your audience to get back to homepage.

·       Coming Soon Landing page

ü  This page is used in order to build curiosity in the audiences.

ü  Here, you can reveal all exciting offers that you will publish.

ü   To make a comeback moment for the customers, you can add “notify me” option for the audiences.

ü  This type of landing page can also be used to generate leads.

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