Ways to Reconnect with An Old Friend
Ways to Reconnect with An Old Friend
Want to rekindle your friendship with an old friend? Here are a few suggestions…

Ways to Reconnect with An Old Friend

In our day-to-day life we get so caught up with our work and responsibilities, that our social life goes for a toss. Along the way, we slowly drift apart from our friends. Then, there is a sudden urge to reconnect once you get nostalgic seeing a photograph or two. When it has been a while, you do feel a sense of excitement, but it also could get awkward too. When I dusted off an album of memories with my friends, I went through the same feeling. Just as I eyed my old bestie from my college days, I had the nagging urge to get back in touch with her, and I did. The overwhelming question arises, how do you break the ice with your long lost pal?


Befriending on Social Media


Social media becomes a life saver here. I tried finding my friend across multiple social media platforms. Thanks to a mutual friend, I was finally able to find her. And it does not stop there; you need to send him/her a follow or friend request. Once that’s been done, don’t wait for your friend to make the first move. Text him/her immediately. Start with a simple and direct conversation. 


Though I felt awkward, I started out with casual questions like, “Hey, how have you been? When was the last time we talked? Feels like ages” and the like. I can’t say that we bonded all of a sudden. It was just the beginning.


Have a Reunion


Now, comes the exciting part. Find ways to meet and reunite with your friend. It’s certainly a special feeling when you meet your friend after years. Look out for the best venue with the ideal ambience – to get together and have beautiful conversations. 


My friend and I decided on a venue that would give us a unique dining experience – that would treat us to the beautiful views of Sydney Harbour. We were after all Sydneysiders! Both of us mutually agreed to meet up on boardone of the  Sydney Harbour dinner cruises. I must say, every moment aboard the cruise we chose was mesmerising. We bonded over nostalgic conversations, good food and drinks. Moreover the weather and views of the skyline were simply amazing. And in the end, we went a little photo crazy — pose and click, pose and click — is what we did! The famous icons around the harbour, like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge sure made for amazing backdrops. 


The best part was, my friend had never been on a cruise. Due to my experience onboard a lunchtime cruise on Sydney Harbour last year, I had suggested the venue. So, choosing the right venue also plays a major part in reconnecting with your old friend. 


Pick and Share Memories


As I mentioned earlier, the urge to reconnect usually comes when you stumble across old photos. There is a high chance your friend doesn’t have that memory with him/her. Better still… he/she might have pictures that you don’t have. So pick the best memories and share it with him/her while having a conversation or simply send it with a text message. You can also post it publicly on social media platforms, where all your mutual friends can join in to comment about the throwback.


When our friendship rekindled once again, I remember how we reminisced about the good old days as we browsed through old photographs. It got us pretty emotional in the process. 


So there, a reunion with your old friend isn’t as tough as you think. You just have to make a little effort to get back together like the old times. For all those, who are thinking around the same lines, don’t let anything hold you back.