My Tips to Stay Calm and Happy During the Holidays
My Tips to Stay Calm and Happy During the Holidays
Ready to welcome the holiday season? Enjoy the upcoming festivities and embrace the season of gratitude by following these personal tips.


It’s that time of the year again! The time for merry making, unboxing gifts and spending quality time with all the family members! I love the time of fall and winter but I totally get why most people dread this time of the year. The feeling of staying on top of a rollercoaster ride, waiting to be plummeted into oblivion or in this case, into an industrious holiday season, is real! Popular holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve (NYE) are some of the most widely celebrated events around the globe, but at the same time it can induce a whole lot of stress and anxiety.


Perhaps it is high time we take into consideration what to expect for the upcoming holiday season and how you can minimise anxiety or pressure associated with such festivities. I will also reveal some of my tips and tricks to stay happy and better tap into the holiday spirits associated with this festive season.


Treat yourself before and after


When I waved goodbye to 2021 on board the New Year’s Eve Cruises on Sydney Harbour, I already knew where I’d spent my next NYE. The NYE cruise experience was something out of a fantasy movie and it was the ultimate reward for ploughing through a bustling holiday season. The way you end and start your holiday season is just as important as navigating your way through it. Before you launch into beast mode, take a deep breath and think about what the holidays are really about. From the surface, it's all about celebrations, parties, gifts and treats but remember the things that truly matter: friends, family, love and kindness. Alright, maybe even good food for that reason!


The importance of planning 


First things first, plan ahead. You don’t wanna rush everything at the last minute. Buy everything in advance–decorations, gifts, food ingredients, flight tickets, holiday outfits, anything that doesn’t rot away. This might even save you from the rush and price hikes of the holiday season.


Master the art of acceptance 


The holidays are a good time to practise kindness, compassion and acceptance. Holidays are not supposed to be perfect. As families grow and evolve, so do their beliefs and traditions. For me, an extension of gratitude and acceptance is letting go of all notions of a perfect holiday. Brace yourself for all kinds of mishaps. Understand that you are not in control, well, for the most part. For example, you can schedule dinner reservations but not whether Aunt Frank gets stuck in the middle of the road and shows up an hour or two late. 


Schedule a ‘me time’


Another tip I consistently followed throughout the previous holiday seasons is setting up alarms for ‘me times’. Holidays can get really busy and you may feel an increased pressure to say ‘yes’ to every request or invitation, especially if you're travelling to friends or families’. It is a time when we get thrown off of our usual routines so it is imperative that you unwind and take time to decompress. Exercise, meditation, reading, tea break, watching your favourite movies–whatever your stress relievers are make sure you schedule time and space to maintain them.


About time you said ‘NO’


Last but not the least, learn to say NO. You’re not a robot. Saying ‘yes’ when you should have said ‘no’ can be overwhelming and might make you a bit resentful. Your peers will understand if you're not up for a particular project or activity. And if you can’t skip the overtime at work, then remove something else from the agenda to make up for the lost time. Don’t forget to reward yourself after everything is done! The New Year’s Eve Dinner Cruises in Sydney was pivotal in making me realise the true essence of a holiday; uniting and connecting with your loved ones.


A Tip from the heavens


Health can have a huge impact on your moods and general outlook. Just because it’s a holiday doesn't mean it is free for fall. Keep your body vitalised with healthy drinks, eat real food, prioritise sleep and go easy on the booze.


And with that, I bid you all a happy, healthy and sane holiday season!