Keyword Rank Checking Tool
Keyword Rank Checking Tool
Make the best use of an impeccable Keyword rank checking tool like SERPPLE, decide on your SEO tactics smartly, and grab the wonderful chance to rank top on SERP within a very short span of time. All the best for your SEO success!

What to look for in a Keyword Rank Checking tool to measure your SEO progress effectively?

Marketers and owners invest a lot of time and money into their websites and content. But, checking the impact of these investments is a little bit challenging task, mainly when it comes to SEO.

Organic search is specifically a challenging marketing channel to estimate. Keyword rank tracking is the best practice of SEO that gives visibility into your website performance in the Google search results. It is actually the process of monitoring how the website ranks on the search results for your target keywords.

But, a question will come to your mind now. Is it really essential to track Google keywords ranking to measure the success of SEO activities? Let’s delve into that now.

The key role of tracking keyword rankings in SEO

A lot of companies these days invest in SEO in order to drive traffic to their websites. To attain this, their websites must rank well on the Search engine results page (SERP) for particular keywords. And, the best way to know if the SEO methods are actually paying off is to track keyword rankings over a period of time for the target keywords. This is because tracking the Google keywords ranking helps in detecting changes in SEO performance. Without tracking the keyword rankings, you may not notice these changes until you see a big drop in your web traffic

So, it is clear that keyword rank Checking is an important process in SEO but how to do that will be the next prime question among SEO professionals like you.

Importance of using Keyword rank checking tools

Doing the rank tracking process manually will incur a lot of time and resources for sure and so finding the smart way to check keywords ranking becomes the need of the hour to achieve your SEO goals.

Here comes the need to go for keyword rank checking tools.

Keyword rank checker is a software tool that helps in tracking keyword rankings on SERPs effectively. Therefore, monitoring the overall SEO performance of the website will be just a piece of cake when you make use of a reliable and ideal keyword rank checking tool.

But, you must understand that a lot of rank checkers are available in the market today and so you need to be cautious while picking an apt rank tracker for your business. Certain factors need to be considered before choosing the rank tracker. Let us see those now.

Features need to be considered while picking a keyword rank checking tool


The keyword rank tracker you choose will be useful to you only when the results it provides are accurate. This is because all the decisions that you are going to take to improve the ranking of your website will be wholly dependent on the data that the tool provides. If the data from a ranking tool is inaccurate then the changes you make in your SEO activities will only result in vain rather than improving the Google keywords ranking.


The other significant thing that you have to look for in a keyword rank tracker is how fast it produces the results. This becomes particularly important when you have to check and monitor rankings for numerous keywords. If the keyword rank checking tool you choose is not optimal enough to deliver quick results for your keywords, then you have to waste a lot of time in getting the required SEO results for your website.


The rank trackers available today come with different payment plans. Some charge a lower fee with limitations on the number of keywords that can be monitored and some others come with a monthly plan with an unlimited number of keywords. So, you have to select an appropriate keyword rank tracker that perfectly suits your budget and business needs.

Ability to pull local results

Knowing the location-specific ranking results for your keywords is of utmost importance. This is because from this data you can know if you are ranking well on the local search and can then take further steps to increase visibility, formulate strategies to build your business at a local level, gain more traffic, and tons of sales.

Reports on a regular basis

Receiving reports on your keyword rankings at regular intervals of time is important as it helps you to know what is really happening with your keyword performance on SERP. So, to stay current with the changes in your Google keywords ranking, it is a must for a keyword rank checking tool to provide ranking reports.

Insights on competitor performance

Gaining insights on what your competitors are really doing and how they are ranking on SERP is also significant to take steps to boost your SEO progress. So, pay attention with choosing a rank tracker that allows you to compare your performance with that of your competitors and know how well they are performing on the search results. This data will surely help you in planning your SEO tactics in a better way.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are also some other key inclusions that people look for in a keyword rank checking tool such as mobile ranking data, support for bulk addition of keywords, Ads detail, Featured snippet, cannibalization alert, and so on.

I hope you are now clear on how to choose a perfect keyword rank checker for your business. You also need to get acquainted with some popular rank tracking tools that are available nowadays and that are well received by people worldwide. Some of those well-performing tools are as follows.


  • Semrush

  • AccuRanker

  • Ahrefs

  • Moz

  • Seoability

  • ProRankTracker

  • Authority Labs

  • WooRank

  • Advanced web ranking

Final thoughts

From the previous sections, I hope you would have gained enough insights on keyword rank checking, the importance of rank tracking in SEO, and what you should really look for while picking a keyword rank checking tool for your SEO activities and the list of some well-known rank trackers available now.

Now, you will come up with a question. What is the best tool with the above-mentioned, beneficial inclusions that will help you to check keywords ranking quickly and effectively? SERPPLE is one such top-notch ranking tool with the remarkable inclusions that are required to progress further in your SEO activities.  

So, why are you still waiting? Make the best use of an impeccable Keyword rank checking tool like SERPPLE, decide on your SEO tactics smartly, and grab the wonderful chance to rank top on SERP within a very short span of time. All the best for your SEO success!