JKone-Trekking and Camping| Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Solo
JKone-Trekking and Camping| Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Solo
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Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is a great trekking and camping tour. One of the major attractions of this trek is that you can get to the highest point in the entire region, which is Phuktul (3,525 meters). Apart from this, there are several other spots which make this adventure an excellent choice for those who want to explore something new besides desert landscapes. Very pleasant weather makes trekking through forests an exhilarating experience.

People are eager to opt to go Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

If you are interested in going on a hiking trip, then do not hesitate any longer and book this Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Solo. This journey is one of the most popular ones in the region and many people opt to go on this trek during their holiday.

The Great Lakes Trek is located in the Gulmarg area. This trek has many different trails and some of them can be reached by foot if you want to take the most relaxed route, but there are also some which require a helicopter or horseback riding to reach.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Best Time To Visit

With a sunny and warm winter, the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Best Time To Visit is in the months of March to May where the temperature drops significantly below norms for most parts of India. Weather in Gulmarg is temperate during this season and it makes an ideal destination for trekking with milder temperatures.

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