Here’s Four Must-try Ideas for a Corporate Event
Here’s Four Must-try Ideas for a Corporate Event
Celebrate the season of merry with your favourite group with some unique Sydney attractions!


Sydney is no stranger to celebrations especially during its peak season but finding a right place to host your annual corporate event can be a bit of a hassle. Home to many famous entertainment venues, hotels and outdoor arenas, Sydney has a plethora of event spaces to make that next event unforgettable. But if you're trying to up the ante and go for a more unique celebration, check out these fun ideas for a party worth remembering. 


Book a Harbour Cruise for a Christmas Party 


The immaculate juxtapositioning of urban architectures and sweeping natural landscapes is what catches the eye for most visitors who step foot in Sydney. What if this one-of-a-kind panorama can be set as the backdrop for your next corporate event?! Plan the ultimate Christmas party for your team onboard a Sydney Harbour cruise for an exciting dining experience on the waterfront. These cruises are perfect for almost any type of corporate events, business conferences, team-building events, workshops, award ceremonies and the like. Impress your companions with a unique cruise and dine experience with the best of food menu and a fine beverage list, which you can enjoy in the backdrop of the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge! So book one of the top Christmas party cruises on Sydney Harbour and make way for a truly spectacular corporate event!


Be ‘wowed’ at SEA Life 


SEA Life is undoubtedly up there when it comes to unique party venues–offering you a chance to immerse in an underwater world of unforgettable experiences. There’s no other venue offering such an extraordinary backdrop such as the SEA Life. You will be transported to an underwater world of the unknown with over seven hundred species of marine life! The SEA Life also offers numerous event packages including the Great Barrier Reef Oceanarium where guests can marvel  at the replica of the reef itself; with hundreds of fish, sharks, turtles and sawfish. The aquarium also offers other options such as the Dugong Island and Jurassic Seas, suitable to host cocktail parties, buffets and seated diners. It's safe to say that everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to witness marine life!


Scale Sydney’s Mighty Landmark


Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most celebrated landmark icons of Australia and getting  a bird’s eye view of Sydney from its summit is one of the coolest experiences ever! Yes, it might be a bit exxy but if it's a must try for tourists and celebrities, then it’s an absolute must for residents as well. For your next office event, kick it up a notch and  team up with your colleague; head out to conquer this legendary bridge! It is an excellent opportunity to build team morale, chemistry, and wellbeing while also letting them overcome their fears, tick off their goals and support each other! Once you reach the top you will pause for a good minute, hit a high-five to each other, and soak up the uninterrupted views that surround you! 


Sip, Sip and Brush!


Getting creative and developing remote skills is necessary for a workplace betterment. And that’s exactly what you should strive to do for your next corporate event. Sydney is an art-rich city and there are many spots across the city where you can get enlightened by this art culture. But what if I told you, you can be the artist yourself? Sydney has in store for us numerous paint and wine sessions where you sip on some of the finest drinks while creating masterpieces on canvas! This is an ideal way to get acquainted with your team and have a fun yet learning session and the best part is that you can walk away with whatever piece of craft you end up creating!