Comparing shark apex upright and shark apex uplight
Comparing shark apex upright and shark apex uplight
Even though the two shark vacuums are different models, the names may create confusion.

To help you have a better idea about the shark apex upright and shark apex uplight, we make a comparison between these two vacuum cleaners. We will go through quick short Shark apex upright and Shark apex uplight review of each model and then put them on the same scale to see which one is better in terms of cleaning.

About the shark apex upright vacuum cleaner

Despite the fact that this is an upright vacuum, the shark apex upright has a pretty sleek design that can easily catch anyone’s attention. This shark vacuum cleaner has a swivel head which makes it easy to maneuver. The lift-away mode is included in this model to make cleaning above-ground areas. The shark apex upright vacuum with duoclean technology helps you clean both bare floors and carpet floors effortlessly. The Zero-M technology prevents hair strands or strings from sticking to the brush roll, causing damage.

About the shark apex uplight vacuum cleaner

The shark apex uplight vacuum cleaner is a stick vacuum that can stand on its own. Even though this is a stick model, the company still adds the lift-away feature to this vacuum cleaner. Just like the shark apes upright vacuum cleaner, the shark apex uplight also has duoclean and Zero-M technology to create the same cleaning result. This vacuum cleaner is not as good-looking as its relative, but the efficiency is pretty competitive.

Shark apex upright vs. shark apex uplight

The first difference between the shark apex upright and the shark apex uplight  is weight. Of course, an upright vacuum is heavier than a stick model. The shark upright vacuum cleaner is bulky, weighing 17.1 pounds, making handling this vacuum cleaner harder for people who are not strong. Meanwhile, the shark uplight vacuum cleaner is lighter, only weighing 10.7 pounds. That’s why using this model is more comfortable for everyone.

But the reason why the upright model is heavier is that it has a stronger motor. The uplight model might be lightweight, but its suction power is less impressive than the other one. So, depending on your cleaning demands, you can choose the model that suits you better. It’s a personal matter.

The next difference between these models is design. Even though the shark apex upright duoclean has a swivel head, it’s too bulky to get under furniture. So the only way you can make this vacuum cleaner go into hard-to-reach areas is by using it in lift-away mode. But the shark apex uplight duoclean is a low-profile vacuum that can easily slip under furniture or reach tight spaces in its original shape.

However, the shark upright model is easier to use in handheld mode. On the other hand, many customers said the shark uplight model has an awkward handheld configuration. You can see some pictures of this aspect to see which style is easier to use for you.


Both models have their pros and cons. But we believe they were created to aim for different customer segments. The shark apex upright lift-away duoclean would be perfect for families that live in houses since it’s more powerful and more efficient in collecting a huge amount of debris from large areas. Meanwhile, the Shark apex uplight corded lift away duoclean is suitable for couples or single people who live in small apartments that only need an average cleaning level. If you know which segment you’re in, then you know for sure which model you should choose.

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