Shark Apex uplight vacuum: the perfect choice for your house
Shark Apex uplight vacuum: the perfect choice for your house
Shark Apex uplight vacuum: the perfect choice for your house

Shark Apex uplight vacuum: the perfect choice for your house

Shark is known as one of the best home appliance brands on the market. Many products by Shark have been supporting housewives every day. 

One of the best-seller Shark products is vacuum cleaner. This brand is providing a lot of vacuum models. Consumers can choose what is suitable for their house easily.

Recently, Shark has introduced a new vacuum named Shark apex uplight . In this article, we will find out if this vacuum is the best choice for housewives to finish their cleaning tasks or not. 

Powerful cleaning

After cleaning by Shark Apex vacuum cleaner, I can not deny that this item offers a powerful cleaning. It can create a 66 CFM airflow that is called as Hyper-Velocity suction. This airflow allows you to clean virtually all surfaces in your house.  It can remove dust, dirt, and even debris on your different carpets. Your house will be very tidy. 

Useful brush roll

When you check some vacuum models, you recognize that they usually use bristled brushes to clean surfaces. Yes, this kind of brush can remove dirt in carpets, pet/ human hair. However, there is an issue here. If the hair or fiber is so long, the whole brush will be wrapped. It means you have difficulty cleaning in the next time.

 Shark apex uplight corded lift away solves this issue by applying the Zero-M technology. The design of the brush looks like a comb and is placed on top of the nozzle. The function of this comb is to cut the hair. It means they can’t wrap the brush. 

Duo clean rollers

This vacuum cleaner is also known as Shark Apex uplight vacuum duo clean. Why? Because they use two rollers to clean the surfaces. The first roller removes dirt on the floor. The second roller cleans your carpets. The vacuum’s performance is improved and more effective.

Anti-Allergen system and HEPA filters

If the structure of the vacuum can not protect you against allergens, you might feel uncomfortable or have some health issues after cleaning your house. The best vacuums on the market are equipped with HEPA filters and useful dust cups to filter and contain allergens. This Shark upright vacuum has, too. So, many users said, they feel safe and more healthy when operating this vacuum model.

2 in 1 design

One of the special features of this Shark vacuum is the 2 in 1 design. You can detach the pod of the vacuum. It has an extendable hose. So, you can access different surfaces and corners. You clean the stairs or car interiors, curtains, couches. The sensitive and hard-to-reach surface will be cleaned totally. 

Easy to use

Shark Apex uplight lift-away duo-clean is designed with a full-swivel neck. This neck allows this vacuum to go around on the floor in a convenient way. You can clean even areas under furniture such as your bed, couches. 

To sum it up, we have many Shark apex uplight review  to choose the one. We believe that you will be satisfied with this item. And your cleaning task doesn’t take your time anymore.