Automating Business Operations With WorkForce Management Software
Automating Business Operations With WorkForce Management Software
Automation is a modern day answer to age old problems – managing time, employees, and company profits. Workforce management software has automated several daily business operations. This has been a game-changer for many organizations.

Automation is a modern day answer to age old problems – managing time, employees, and company profits. Workforce management software has automated several daily business operations. This has been a game-changer for many organizations.

When you think of automation, do you, too, imagine a dreadful scenario of robots operating computers instead of humans?

This is a myth, as automation doesn’t replace people but frees them from performing monotonous and repetitive tasks.

Automation VS Manual

Workforce automation uses technology or software to perform repetitive or predictable tasks without direct human inputs.

Many managers have complained that they spend way more hours doing tasks manually than what is recommended. Unfortunately, this leaves them little time to communicate with their employees properly. Managers need more time to form future strategies for the company.

The same has been the complaints of employees, who find some manual tasks painstakingly time consuming. This has left them struggling to complete their tasks and meet deadlines.

The difference between manual and automated processes can be made based on a few things, such as

  • How it is managed: A manager must plan and assign tasks daily in a manual process. Whereas a system is programmed to auto assign the tasks in automation.
  • Check Up and Reminders: Managers must keep calling their field force constantly to enquire about their location and tasks. But through automation, the workforce management software automatically keeps updating managers about the field executives.
  • Cost Effective: Doing tasks manually can often cost the company more as it’s more time consuming. Because of this, meeting deadlines is tough. Automation helps to speed up task allocation and many other operations. This leaves a lot of time for managers to form cost-effective strategies. And also, the employees have more time to complete their tasks.
  • Problem Solving: Manually dealing with problems does solve the issue. But as it is more time taking, it can put the whole operation behind. But automation is quick to detect a problem and instantly present a solution. Therefore, proving to be more time and problem effective.

How Can You Automate Your Workforce Operations with TrackoField

Managers can automate most of their jobs and functions with the help of workforce management software. However, companies need to invest in good workforce management software to reap the benefits that come with it. For example, the software can be of great help in boosting employee productivity, improving time efficiency, and making the workings of the company cost effective.

TrackoField is one of the leading workforce management software in the country. And it can help you automate your operations with ease.

Smart Task Allocation

Managers spend most of their time manually planning and assigning tasks to employees. And this leaves them very little time to plan future strategies.

But TrackoField can quickly solve this problem by automating the whole task planning and allocating process. The software lets the managers upload bulk tasks months ahead. These tasks are visible to workers on their phone screens.

This function is also a boon for employees as automation allows them to work instantly rather than waiting for the manager to come in.

Actionable Reports

Earlier, the managers had to wait for quarters to get productivity reports on their employees. Then also managers had to burn the midnight oil to analyze and drive out the needed information. 

But not anymore, as TrackoField offers automated analytical reports. The reports greatly help managers as they are insightful and accurate. In addition, since the reports are real-time, managers can take action before a problem escalates.

Automated Attendance

In any company or organization, a lot of time is wasted manually recording attendance. And the chances of faulty attendance are high with field executives. On the other hand, accurate attendance is necessary as it determines salary and rewards. Furthermore, attendance data can be utilized for shift schedules.

The workforce management software automates attendance recording. This reduces human error significantly and field executives' chances of faulty attendance. 

Trackofield allows field executives to mark attendance remotely, but only when they reach the first job location. Automation of attendance dramatically reduces the stress employees and managers go through because of it.

Expense Management

For the manager and the company, manually handling expense reports and invoices is a nightmare. Hiring an employee to organize and look after all the invoices is not at all cost effective.

With the help of workforce management software, managers can automate the expense limit. In addition, TrackoField offers the option to customize this limit according to the designation or team.

Quick Reimbursement

It is as essential to keep your employees happy and satisfied as it is for your clients and customers. And you can do so with quick reimbursements. However, keeping employees waiting for their invoices to clear can leave them dissatisfied.

Automation of reimbursement ensures that there is an instant clearance of bills. This is especially helpful for field executives who have fuel expenses every day. It can be time-taxing for them to travel to the office daily to submit their bills. 

With the help of TrackoField, field executives can instantly upload their bills. They will be notified if and when they get the reimbursement.

Real Time Tracking

How often do you, as a manager, have to call your field employees to know their location and tasks completed so far? 

Too many times, right? 

Doing so has proved to be time consuming and can distract both parties.

But Workforce management software can eliminate the need to keep calling and tracking. TrackoField allows managers to know the real time location of each employee on their screens. And as the employee keep updating their checklist, it will be visible to managers through the admin app.

How Can Your WorkForce Benefit From Automation?

Improve Productivity

Productivity increases when the employees and organization have peace of mind and time in their hands to focus on essential tasks. Implementing automation in business operations gives employees the time, resources, and freedom to focus more on critical manual tasks. As a result, managers have time to focus on strategy and improving the workforce instead of doing meagre jobs.

As automation is being used as a new technology, the results show higher efficiency and productivity of employees.

Cost Effective

Automation of operations is highly cost-effective for companies. It helps eliminate costly errors and streamline the task allocation process, allowing the employees to complete them more efficiently. And since automation removes the need for repetitive and time consuming tasks, it will enable the company to operate cost-effectively.

Efficient and High-Quality Work

Automation through workforce management software makes it easy for managers to assign roles and tasks and grant responsibilities to team members or field executives. This dramatically speeds up the process of task completion.

This gives employees more time to do the work they were hired for, leaving the software to handle mundane and error-prone tasks. This way, managers can get more high-quality work done by their employees.

Empowered Employees

Because automation helps to convey to employees their exact duties, they can manage their job more efficiently. In addition, employees can take accountability for anything that goes wrong. This way, the managers do not have to oversee each step of the process or constantly check in on employees.

Let TrackoField Help In Automate Your Business Operation

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Automation is a friend and not an enemy. It can significantly benefit your company's operation. With the help of good workforce management software in place, automation can streamline your communication with your team members. Managers greatly benefit from automation as it makes the process of task assigning easy.

TrackoField is a leading workforce management software in the industry. With its state of the art tools and features, automation becomes effective multi-folds.

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