The Best Google Keyword Rank Checker to Boost Your SEO Score
The Best Google Keyword Rank Checker to Boost Your SEO Score
Are you interested in improving your financial resources through your online business?

The Best Google Keyword Rank Checker to Boost Your SEO Score

Or do you want to reach as many people as possible? To do this, you will first have to optimize your site so that it can attract the most significant amount of audience imaginable. The more audiences you have, the greater your profit. The google keyword rank checker is a search engine optimization tool and is one of the main tools a website owner must have to better index the website on the Internet in the jungle of today's web.

There are many ways to grab your audience's attention and get high levels in Google's score. One of the most common methods is using appropriate keywords within articles with the help of Google rank checker. With the right keywords, you can reach the maximum number of views and clicks from users.

How to Choose the Right Keywords with Google Rank Checker?

Choosing keywords is not always easy. There are a series of factors to identify. And only those who have been doing SEO for many years realize the complexity of the matter. But, in this article, you will understand, in detail, how to search professionally with Google rank checker.

For an excellent selection to be made, the elements to be analyzed are mainly two:

  1. Keyword Difficulty;
  2. Keyword Competition;

An in-depth analysis will help you scale the SERPs and position yourself more likely among the organic results of Google's first page, but it will also help you beat and stand out from the competition.

Keyword Difficulty: What is it, and how is it Calculated?

As the English term "Keyword Difficulty" suggests, it is nothing more than the value of the difficulty encountered when you want to position that particular keyword. At this point, you will wonder how this parameter is measured. Two online software well known by the SEO experts at GAMIT come to your aid:

  1. SemRush KDI;
  2. Moz Tool KDI Calculator;

Another solution, instead of using the tools mentioned above, is to be able to perform the search manually.

That is to analyze and compare competitors based on the top 5 or 10 websites on the search engine for that specific keyword.

How to do the Manual Search?

To calculate the difficulty of a keyword without using Google rank checker, you are faced with two elements: allintitle and allinanchor.

The correct wording to get the best results is to write on google allintitle or allinanchor with the colon and then the keyword for which you want to compete.

A practical example:

Suppose you want to create a cooking money blog, place a page and climb the SERP for the keyword "best recipes for pasta." At this point, there are two solutions to find competitors manually:

  • allintitle: best recipes for pasta
  • allinanchor: best recipes for pasta

The first results are the sites with which you will have more competition. Naturally, the algorithm ranks high, with a better Google keyword rank checker and exceptionally performing keywords.

Here are a few factors you need to take into consideration once you've done the previous research:

  • Backlinks: the more a website receives traffic and is linked by valuable sites, the higher the competitiveness (you will have to do a lot of link building);
  • Domain age: older websites (as well as their domain) have a greater chance of not being quickly outdated;
  • Site name: the name of a domain in the eyes of Google is an essential element for internal optimization purposes (or on-page). If the name coincides with the keyword, the possibility of increasing the SEO value is much greater;
  • Greater sharing on social networks: in recent years, Google's algorithms attribute a higher value to the social pages of sites that are appreciated and shared a lot.

Another trick to understand how difficult it is to scale the SERP for that specific keyword is thanks to Adwords banners.

During the search, it identifies the advertising campaigns and analyzes the cost per click for each keyword used in the sponsored ones. Of course, the higher the price, the greater the possibility of not overcoming it easily.

Still, concerning Adwords campaigns, if you notice a high number of ads in SERP, the market (at least on the search engine you rely on) is almost saturated.

The more banners there are, the greater the difficulty of being able to position yourself and overcome those websites.

How to Use the Google Keyword Rank Checker

A Google keyword rank checker tool only works when used carefully. First, you must determine your "niche" and enter a keyword. The system will process the data and provide you with the positioning of your keyword. If the ranking of keywords is poor, it is necessary to focus on the latter to improve their ranking.

Another interesting tool is the keyword generator, which can help you find the most searched keywords in your niche. When you get the list, use the keywords in the first part of your article. In this way, you will soon be able to gain visibility through the natural SEO of your site.

Advantages of the SERP Rank Checker

The first advantage is that it is free and unlimited for anyone, and all users have the same rights and features to enjoy. Speed ​​is also excellent for getting results quickly without waiting too long for your report, and the tool is also exceptionally reliable. Along with Google keyword rank checker, you can learn about keyword volume in your content, recent keyword trends, keyword difficulty, and much more - all in one free platform.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the ease of use. You won't find any complexity on the website. Just open the search engine reports website, search for the Google rank checker, enter the keyword, and get the result in moments. You can add the link or keyword directly to the Google rank checker and check its rankings. Eventually, you will have a report that you can download and read later.

How to Improve Your Keyword Rankings?

The best company in the market is invested in keeping its current customers and acquiring new customers. Every day, the employees are committed and strive to provide the highest added value within their jobs to meet customer needs. However, in the modern market, the classic paradigms on which a company was founded years ago have varied: to be able to maintain its market share or to grow faster than its competitors, it is now necessary, even for SMEs, to be able to invest in the online market effectively. So here are some ways to improve your ranking with Google keyword rank checker!

Google rank checker 

1.     SEO: Achieve #1 Position Naturally

When you think about "improving the positioning in Google", you immediately think of SEO. This acronym stands for "search engine optimization." It is a process that leads us to occupy the top positions of the search engine results through a series of specific actions. Everything is based on the fact that consumers nowadays turn to the Internet for many reasons: not only to listen to music or to keep in touch with distant friends and relatives but also to search for information or products. Before entering a physical store, you search Google for the answer to your problem, and once identified, you study the specific details.

2.     SEM: Reach the #1 Position with Paid Ads

Another widely used method to improve the positioning of websites in Google in the shortest possible time is SEM, an acronym for Search Engine Marketing. Initially, this term was used to indicate all the marketing tactics the site owner developed to be present within the search engines (therefore, also the SEO). Today this term has taken on another meaning: SEM indicates that online marketing strategy that allows us to pay the search engines to reach the top positions quickly.

You will also have noticed that when searching for a specific keyword, in addition to the classic "organic" results, another type of result also appears, called "sponsored ads", and is characterized by the presence of the abbreviation ANN next to it.

3.     Google News: Reach the #1 Position with Current News

If you decide to deal mainly with current and constantly updated news, you can focus on Google News. What is Google News, and why might it benefit a business? It is a service that Google makes available to companies wanting to publish exciting news and users who wish to learn more about specific topics. It is an actual news container divided by subject and by area.

You can find Google News, but it is easy to find the articles it collects by searching for a keyword on Google and clicking on the "news" section.


To date, optimizing your site for search engines is perhaps one of the essential aspects to be considered in any project. Tools such as Google keyword rank checker or Google rank checker are the starting point for optimizing any web project, from the smallest to the largest.