What consumer electronics brands can learn from Mobilla Brand?
What consumer electronics brands can learn from Mobilla Brand?
Warranty claims are perhaps the most important part of the post-sales experience as it helps customers build trust with your brand, if you are unable to provide a satisfactory warranty claims experience, your customers will most likely avoid any further interaction with your brand. Check out this blog to know how Mobilla converted their warranty expenses into a profit-making asset..

What consumer electronics brands can learn from Mobilla Brand?

Having an amazing product is only a job half done in a competitive market like consumer electronics. If brands want to survive and grow in the long run, they need to provide better customer experiences than their competitors.  


According to Gartner research in 2022, 81% of the e-commerce brands compete mostly or completely on the post-sales experience. 

About Mobilla -

Mobilla has been a consumer electronics leader in India for more than 20 years and has two major categories - Lifestyle accessories and consumer accessories covering among them 50 + product lines.

With an increasing D2C presence and well-established marketplace sales, Mobilla has emerged as a consumer electronics leader in India.

Unparalleled warranty claims and replacement processes are a major USP of Mobilla, which is reflected, in its high customer retention rates.

What issues was Mobilla facing?

  1. High Warranty management costs.
  2. Low customer participation
  3. Low customer satisfaction as claims could not be verified, as warranty cards and purchase bills were often lost.
  4. Struggling to manage product warranties across different SKUs and increasing sales
  5. Ineffective customer communication during warranty claims

Mobilla was using a traditional paper-based warranty process, which made it very difficult for Mobilla and its customers to manage warranty claims. Mobilla soon realized that it may be impossible to use the same in light of increasing SKUs and sales. In their search for a solution to their problem, they found one that was perfect. What was that solution? Read this blog to know “How Mobilla mastered the art of consumer warranties?”