Reason to Hire an Attorney to Know the Cost of Expungement in Texas
Reason to Hire an Attorney to Know the Cost of Expungement in Texas
Criminal records can have a depressing impact on your plans. Maybe your employer or landlord has asked whether you have ever been convicted of or arrested, and the answer could probably throw you out of your running job or apartment.

Reason to Hire an Attorney to Know the Cost of Expungement in Texas

A criminal offence can create havoc in a person's life and make it miserable. But the good news is that, in some cases, depending upon the region/state in which you reside or the details of your record, you may be able to clean up your criminal records through "Expungement." It is a process of erasing, destroying or sealing conviction or arrest records. In general, the cost of expungement in Texas cost around $600 just in filing fees and service of process costs.

Who is Eligible for Expunction in Texas?

Before you can apply for expungement, you need to verify whether your records qualify for the process or not. The process of expungement will directly depend on several factors, which are:-

  • If you were convicted of a crime?

  • If you were, what was the severity of the crime?

  • How long has it been since you were convicted or arrested?

  • If you have completed the terms of your probation, sentence, etc.

After considering all these factors, you can apply if your records qualify for the expunction procedure. There comes the need for experienced, skilled, and reliable expungement lawyers who can walk the entire process with you. The expunction lawyers have the know-how, practice, and skills to ensure whether your records are eligible for expungement.

How Can an Expungement Lawyer Help in Texas?

Here are the top reasons you should seek Texas expungement lawyers' help.

Understanding the Entire Process and Making it Faster

Where available to persons arrested or found guilty, expungement doesn't necessarily occur automatically and is never guaranteed. An individual wanting to have a charge or criminal conviction expunged from their record must fill out an application or petition and submit the paperwork to the appropriate criminal court for a judge's assessment and verdict. In a good number of jurisdictions, a fee must be paid along with the filing of the application.

 The Expungement process might get complicated. In some cases, it requires a court hearing, after which a judge will decide whether or not to grant the expunction. The lawyers can manage all the day-to-day correspondence for you, and they will be able to help you understand this complex process. First, you must file a petition, including your information, your case information, and the results. The judge may schedule a hearing after reviewing your application.

Knowledge of the Right Paperwork to File

It requires a lot of paperwork for the complex expungement process. One needs to fill out many forms in court. Thus the process is lengthy, and it takes some time to finish. Mindful reading and experience handling are required to fill the paperwork. So with the help of an attorney, it becomes easier to handle these cases.

Getting Updated on the Current Laws

Expungement laws are constantly changing, which brings a change in the procedures. The Texas expungement lawyers understand current laws to seal your records successfully, and they can handle things most professionally.

Clearing the Criminal Record

After the verification of your eligibility for expungement, the lawyer can then begin the process of clearing your criminal record. The lawyers must follow specific laws and procedures for the entire process and ensure that each document is filed correctly with the court.


The cost of expungement in Texas will largely depend upon the complexity of your case. The criminal record expunction or action to seal your criminal record can help you move on with your life. Many benefits flow from a misdemeanour or felony expunction or record sealing, including no longer needing to list a past conviction on a job application or worrying about the possible consequences of an employer's discovery of your criminal record. Put your past behind you with the help of an Expungement attorney.