What are the benefits and reasons of ReactJS popularity for application development?
What are the benefits and reasons of ReactJS popularity for application development?
The front-end development eco-system is continuously growing. New tools are released on a regular basis and with multiple libraries and frameworks available to select from, it has become quite challenging for business owners to make the right selection.

What is ReactJS?

Now, when we discuss about front-end development, we have observed that ReactJs is a popular choice among business owners looking to build business application. Seeing the popularity, ReactJs Development Services is the perfect option to invest for a business web application development.  


ReactJS is a JavaScript library built and maintained by Facebook. As per the Facebook, React is an efficient, declarative, and flexible open-source JavaScript library known to build simple, fast, and scalable frontends of web applications. 


Ever since its launch, it has taken the front-end development to the next level. The latest survey revealed that React is the most preferred web framework among developers. Today, there are more than 0.5 million websites using React. Not only that, industry giants like Apple, Netflix, Paypal, and many others using ReactJS in their software productions. 


Key Benefits of ReactJS  


The ReactJS offers several benefits. Let’s check its benefits and why opt for ReactJS Development Company to create web applications.  


1. Speed 

ReactJS allows developers to use individual section of their application on both client-side and the server-side, which overall enhances the speed of the development process. In simple terms, different developers can work on individual parts and changes never impact application logic. 


2. Flexibility 

When compared to other frontend frameworks, the ReactJS code is simple to maintain and is flexible because of its modular structure. This flexibility, ultimately, saves significant amount of time and business cost.


3. Performance 

ReactJS was designed to offer high performance in mind. The framework offers a virtual DOM program and server-side rendering, making complex app development fast. 


4. Usability 

Deploying ReactJS is fairly simple if you hold basic knowledge of JavaScript. In fact, a professional JavaScript developer can simply learn all ins and outs of the ReactJS framework in a few sessions.  


5. Reusable Components 

One of the main reason of ReactJS popularity is the potential to reuse components. It saves time for developers as they don’t have to write different codes for the same features. In addition, if any changes are made, it will not affect other parts of the application. 


6. Mobile App Development 

If you thought React is for web application development, you are completely unaware. Facebook has already upgraded the framework and is popularly used for mobile app development services for both Android & iOS platforms.  


So, now that you are aware of the key benefits of the ReactJS framework, let’s move ahead to check out top reasons to use ReactJS. 


Reasons to Choose ReactJs 


1. Easy to Learn 

In comparison, to other frontend frameworks,