5 Best Fitness Health Apps benefiting your lifestyle
5 Best Fitness Health Apps benefiting your lifestyle
Fitness & Health Apps

Whether you want to get fit, take care of your nutrition, or sleep well, there is an app for everything. So what are some app recommendations that you must try?

Your habits define you. Bad habits are difficult to get rid of but it is doable with the right kind of assistance. Mobile Apps are a great tool to track your progress, innovate new workout plans, and remind you when and what to do.

Here are five AI-Tech Park recommendations for fitness and health apps to enhance your lifestyle-

Nike Training Club - It’s one of the best in class fitness apps. With one-off workouts and structured fitness programs, it gives you a fitness routine.

Map my Run - As the name suggests, it’s an app, especially for runs. It tracks the distance, pace, and route in real-time using GPS.

Sleep cycle - Humans spend around a third of their life sleeping. So isn’t it an important aspect to take care of?

Freelectics - Freelectics is among the number one fitness apps in Europe. As the name suggests, it gives you the freedom to fitness regardless of time, space, money, or equipment.

Peloton - Peloton has a variety of class options for making you feel connected to other exercisers. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, Apple, and Andriod TVs.

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