How to Effectively Extend The Lifespan of Water Heater?
How to Effectively Extend The Lifespan of Water Heater?
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After having a long day, all you want is to have a warm bath to release the stress and the tiredness to spend some beautiful moments with your family for the rest of the day. This is the level of importance of a water heater in your life. But we still tend to ignore the need for repair or regular upkeep until one fine day the water heater stops working. This is one of the most unexpected moments and often before your calculation of lifespan or need for repair of the water heater. The Plumber Vermont around is the first person who can rescue you from a situation like this one.

Not all the repairs, even by expert plumber Melbourne, would get your water heater in a condition as before, which is why it is necessary to address different aspects of the water heater such that any issue can be addressed in the beginning stage itself. Read further to find out the list of manoeuvres that would extend the lifespan of your water heater. 

  • Add an Expansion Tank

Backflow into the water main is not possible with these closed systems. As a result, there is nowhere for the water to go when it expands.

The continuous variations in pressure put a lot of strain on your water heater, which eventually wears it down. The addition of an expansion tank allows the water to have an escape, reducing system stress.

  • Check the Anode Rod

An anode rod is a piece of metal that is inserted into a water heater to prevent rusting of the tank. This is accomplished by attracting all corrosion before it reaches the steel in the tank. The problem is that if the anode rod is completely corroded, the steel tank can rust and suffer irreversible damage. Check the anode rod in the water heater once a year, and if it is nearly or totally rusted, it is time to replace it. 

  • Replace Damaged Elements 

Lime is one of your water heater's initial adversaries, as you may have noted at the beginning of this essay. It not only damages the valve, but it also damages the heating elements. 

For this reason, don't be afraid to keep the heating components clean from time to time before the limescale renders them utterly worthless. If you discover that the limestone has already harmed these elements, you should consider replacing them. While your water heater is being fixed, you won't have to take chilly showers.

  • Install a Water Softener

The quality of the water in your home can shorten the life of your heater. You may have hard water if your water source has significant quantities of calcium and magnesium. Hard water causes sediment deposits to accumulate at the bottom of your heater, which can shorten its lifespan if left unattended.

The good news is that a water softener may be installed by the plumber Melbourne to filter out the minerals that create hard water, allowing only soft water to pass through your plumbing system.


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