6 Social Media Apps That Rocked Their Category in 2022
6 Social Media Apps That Rocked Their Category in 2022
There are many social media apps on the Play Store and App Store, but some are more preferred among the users. Here are the six best apps — one for each category that outshined their competitors in 2021. Similar apps must watch out for these!

Whether you like it or not, social media is essential for both the parties - marketers and consumers. In fact, building a social media application is a great venture idea this year.


Do you know why I am suggesting this? Well, the annual statistics of 2021 clearly state that people are inclined to use social media apps. It is a fresh enough statistic to stick to for the year 2022.

 We all know the importance of social media today. And to be honest, that’s not even the question. The question is - How to make a social media app that earns the ‘user favorite’ tag?

 People born after 1998 fall under the Generation Z category. Well, games are meant for entertainment. But, apart from this, the Gen Zers spend 3.7 hours a month (on average) on at least one non-gaming mobile application. Everyone has an online sustainable social network today, whether a kid or an adult!

 The next folds will tell you a lot about the different social media apps in the limelight in 2021. These are helpful inputs for making a similar app and becoming the limelight of 2022 or the upcoming years.

 Let’s start!!!

 1. Photo-Sharing Apps - Snapchat

210 million+ snaps are clicked and shared on Snapchat every single day. That's way too many!

 But, because of the high-user rate, businesses are flocking to such platforms because of the whopping number of users. Businesses have started creating their presence on various social media platforms with digitization. Hence, the footfall of users and businesses will never go down in this or the decades to come.

 And, isn't it obvious, if there are more such platforms like Snapchat, businesses will grab their marketing chances there as well?

 2. Networking Applications - LinkedIn

Networking is essential for everyone and is not restricted to HRs only. Especially for B2B companies, they need to have their network for fruitful marketing and better sales.

 Also, finding new opportunities becomes easy with networking. Leave easy aside; you get access to new opportunities, which is the most significant advantage. Hence, users love creating their social networks.

 This is a great business opportunity to create a networking app because people will never want to stop earning and taking their business to new heights. 

 3. Video-Sharing Apps - TikTok

As an eCommerce company or any other FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Company, I would like to put videos of my products and services on the internet to reach new users.

 Also, it is not an unknown fact that video content is more interesting; hence users engage with it more often.

 The video-sharing platforms enable organizations to create and maintain their brand image. Also, communicating stories via videos is always more accessible and a better way to enter the viewers' minds. 

 Converting a potential customer into a customer who buys the product/service becomes more accessible and convincing through the video content. The reason behind this is the human psychology that when they have evidence, they tend to believe the fact more.

 4. Discussion Apps - Reddit

Discussion apps are great research tools. It happens so often that businesses link their important articles and expertise in Reddit comment threads. This is a prospective lead generation technique. Savvy marketers use Reddit and reach their target audience even without promotional content.

 Also, on the other side, the businesses can know their customers’ perspective about their products and services. Their complaints or praises in the posts and comments tell a lot about their respective products/services.

 5. Microblogging Apps - Twitter

Twitter threads are very famous. We have often seen rival companies indulging in tweet debates on Twitter. Additionally, microblogging applications connect businesses with the rest of the world.

 As a matter of fact, such apps are also used by the end-users of the products and services. Since microblogging means a user need not write a lot, just a few lines, people find these apps very convenient to use. In the era where everyone wants to express themselves in brief, social media app development is quite the need of the hour.

 6. Dating Apps - Tinder

Although the pandemic fear has decreased now, people will not stop looking for a suitable partner. And now, there is this newly found interest — to first go on virtual dates and, if comfortable, meet in person.

 Social media dating and applications meant primarily for dating have become the trend everyone wants to adopt. Trust me; this trend is here to stay and rule for a long time.

Social Media App Development - The Finale!

Hopefully, you got a clear perception on what kind of social media apps you can make.

Whichever app you choose to make from the above-described domains, your app’s chances of topping the category lists in 2022 are high. All you would have to do is consult a reputed app development company with expertise in building social media platforms. And, you are all set to rock next year! How to make a social media app