How Much Is A Good Mobility Scooter In Australia?
How Much Is A Good Mobility Scooter In Australia?
Figuring out what needs you have when considering a mobility scooter is essential because then you can take a look at the different types. Here’s what to do.

How Much Is A Good Mobility Scooter In Australia?

There may come a time when life gets a little too hard to handle. Some people may be unfortunate enough to be born with a physical disability, making moving around and walking significantly more challenging to perform compared to most people.


For the elderly, the body starts to have more trouble doing the ordinary things that it used to as a result of ageing. Thankfully, there have been many inventions and treatments that make going about life much easier.


One of the most commonly used tools among the elderly and disabled is the mobility scooter. Mobility scooters are often electric-powered, and unlike wheelchairs do not need a lot of strenuous arm use in order to work.


Mobility scooters can understandably be a bit pricey, and you may be asking yourself “How much is a good mobility scooter in Australia?”. Well, in this article, we crack down on everything you need to know in order to help you decide upon getting a mobility scooter.

Who Exactly Are Mobility Scooters For?

Firstly, in order to determine how much you should spend on a good mobility scooter, we need to first realise who exactly mobility scooters are for. There are a handful of people that can benefit from using a mobility scooter. Wheelchairs have been around for a longer amount of time, but compared to mobility scooters - wheelchairs have some cons that will not appeal to certain demographics.


Alternatively, if you are only in need of a mobility scooter for a temporary amount of time, then you can even hire a mobility scooter.

Whole-body paralysis conditions

People who have a condition that paralyses the entire body, such as lung issues, forms of arthritis, excessive body weight and so on. For instance, someone suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease (or ALS) will find it pretty much impossible to be able to move around, let alone use a wheelchair.

Those Who Lack Arm Strength/Stamina

One of the biggest reasons someone may choose a mobility scooter is if they lack the strength and/or stamina required to use a wheelchair. Obviously, arm strength and stamina are what first comes to mind, but also it can mean overall strength throughout the body. 

Loss of Limb(s)

For those who have a loss of limb or arms that are in a bad way, then a mobility scooter is ideal since it is powered electrically and does not require lots of pushing and pulling with the arms.

Elderly and Seniors

Finally, and probably most commonly, seniors and elderly who have general trouble due to old age will find using a mobility scooter to be useful. This, like other conditions mentioned, means that going about your everyday life and travelling around becomes significantly easier.

How Often Will I Use It?

For those who have whole-body paralysis conditions, then you should consider spending money on a mobility scooter that is of higher quality. If you have a condition that is permanent, then you should certainly consider spending a significant amount of money on a mobility scooter that offers a lot of features and is of high value.


If you have a loss of limbs, then this should also be the case. However, if you are only temporarily going through some trouble, then it may not be worth lashing out large chunks of money.


For “less serious” needs such as certain elderly, or particular people of large weight that are still able to walk fairly okay, then you should most likely not consider going for a premium mobility scooter with lots of features.

Types of Mobility Scooters

When deciding on what is a “good” mobility scooter, you should first become familiar with the different types of mobility scooters available on the market. To put it simply, a good mobility scooter is a scooter that fits your needs well. Just mentioned above, we outlined some of the different categories that someone who requires a mobility scooter may fall under and you were hopefully given some clarity.

Portable Mobility Scooters

Also known as travel mobility scooters, these scooters should be used for people who do not require to use a mobility scooter for a significant amount of time or for less intensive reasons. These scooters are able to fold up for portability. Particular seniors who are finding it hard walking around just for long periods of time, or those who are still driving their cars to public events will benefit from portable mobility scooters.

Heavy Duty Mobility scooters

These are the kind of scooters that are helpful if you often have to get around uneven or rough terrain, such as if you live in rural areas. These scooters often have a more powerful motor, but often do not last as long.

Three Wheeled Mobility Scooters

Three Wheeled Scooters are great for indoor situations, as they are very manoeuvrable. If you are someone who has a “permanent” disability that makes it hard to get around your house, then this may be the scooter to consider.

Mid-Sized Mobility Scooters

Similar to the portable scooters, although they are often slightly larger and are not able to fold up. For people who have less serious or temporary mobility issues, then opting for one of these may be your best option as they are still somewhat affordable.

Full-Sized Mobility Scooters

For those who have lifelong issues, and require special needs all the time, then go for a full-sized mobility scooter because this is going to be something that you will need to use every day. These are often regarded as being the best, and are larger, allowing for more comfort.


We hope that we have given you some transparency when deciding on what might be a good mobility scooter for you. Firstly, it is important to understand what sort of requirements you have regarding your mobility issues. Afterwards, take into account the different types of mobility scooters as each one is suited for different people and different needs.


To summarise, the types of people that may need a mobility scooter can be:

  • Those with whole-body paralysis conditions

  • Those Who Lack Arm Strength/Stamina

  • Those who have a Loss of Limb(s)

  • Elderly and seniors


There are also different types of mobility scooters:


  • Portable/Travel mobility scooters

  • Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

  • Three-Wheeled Mobility Scooters

  • Mid-Sized Mobility Scooters

  • Full-Sized Mobility Scooters