Buy Cat bowls: Where can I Buy Cat bowls online in India?
Buy Cat bowls: Where can I Buy Cat bowls online in India?
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Buy Cat Bowl Online: Buy Cat Bowls Online at Amazing Prices



No one is really sure exactly why cats can be so finicky about their water but there are a couple of theories. There may be an instinctual aversion to still 

water. In the wild, a cat will usually only drink moving water which helps to prevent her from becoming sick. Alternatively, it could be that your cat has learned that water tends to be cooler when it's from a tap or rainwater.

It's also possible that the water is just a toy for your cat. To your cat, flipping over its water bowl or trying to catch the falling drips from a tap might make a great game, as well as having the added benefit of quenching its thirst.

Cats don't need much water to drink, especially if they eat canned food or food in pouches that contain a lot of water in them. However, it is still important to make sure your cat has fresh water at all times.

Drinking from a bowl

There are a few things you can do to encourage your cat to drink from her bowl.

Try moving her water dish to somewhere that isn't alongside her food. Your cat may be picky about having food and water right next to each other.

If you think your cat doesn't like the temperature of its water, try adding a few ice cubes to the bowl.

You may want to try changing the bowl entirely. Different types of bowls will give different tastes to the water. If your cat has a plastic bowl, try a metal, ceramic, or even glass one. If your cat is a bowl tipper, try looking for a wider bowl with a rubber base. This will foil even the most dedicated of cats.

There are also cat drinking fountains that either constantly run water in a loop, or are activated by your cat approaching. These require electricity to run so you'll need to find a place for it close to a socket outlet.

You can occasionally leave the tap dripping for your cat to have a drink. Your cat will drink from any source if she is thirsty enough but you may choose to occasionally offer her water from the tap as a treat.

Types of Cat Bowls 

Stainless steel

The champion of champions when it comes to cat bowls. Sanitary and germ-resistant, it’s also unbreakable, dishwasher safe, attractive, and modern. It’s a popular choice for elevated food bowls and feeders and it’s durable enough to last you for years.


One of the safest materials for a cat bowl, glass is non-porous and non-toxic. It won’t cause feline acne and if you get a shallow and wide option then you’ll be eliminating whisker fatigue too. It’s dishwasher safe too, so it makes cleaning up after your kitty a lot easier.


If you’re the pet parent to a very adventurous kitty who accompanies you on outdoor adventures, silicone is a great choice for a travel bowl because they’re often collapsible and come with a carabiner, making them easy to carry around.


Bowls made from ceramic often feature fun and artistic designs, so from an aesthetic point of view they can look lovely and you’ll find shallow and wide options that suit cats with whisker fatigue. But they can shatter and break easily and if cracked, they can harbor bacteria that cause feline acne. The glaze on them may also contain lead or other toxins, so look for one that has been labeled as “food safe.”


This is our least favorite choice, but we understand why it’s so popular. Plastic bowls tend to be lightweight and cheaper than other options, but they are a breeding ground for bacteria because they scratch so easily and their porous surface locks it in, even when cleaned regularly. 

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