Think ahead and get in trend: Launch NFT marketplace on Binance smart chain
Think ahead and get in trend: Launch NFT marketplace on Binance smart chain
NFT marketplace development on Binance Smart Chain

Did you know, Beeple’s Everyday: The first 5000 days NFT was sold for 69.3 million dollars? It is the most priced NFT on the planet so far. The world is getting crazy over NFTs every day and it is slowly becoming the new normal collectibles. Conquer the NFT space with the NFT marketplace on Binance smart chain. This will be the next trending tech in the NFT industry.


Why Binance smart chain for NFT marketplace?


Before NFTs, there were cryptopunks created on the Ethereum Blockchain. They were given for free to whoever owns an Ethereum wallet. But today, the most priced cryptopunk is 7.56 million dollars. NFTs are built in the Ethereum Blockchain now and it is making the blockchain congested with traffic. The minting gas fee is also high so artists and other NFT geeks are looking for an alternative blockchain. NFT marketplace development on BSC has been the talk of this community.


Binance smart chain, running along with the Binance chain is considered one of the best because of its Proof of stake, consensus, and smart contract function. BSC running in parallel with the Binance chain offers a higher speed of transactions with a low gas fee structure. Since the BSC works on PoS consensus, it allows traders to leverage their Binance coins or BNB coins and get rewards on that. 


Wrap up


Apart from the above advantages, an NFT Marketplace on the Binance Smart chain has rich features and that is why it is emerging as a new trend in the NFT space. If you are a young entrepreneur looking for a gate to open into the blockchain market, this is the right time to kick start your journey with NFTs. Get in touch with a leading NFT marketplace development company to discuss your future NFT goals.