Peep into the future: The changes in the Global Software Development by 2030
Peep into the future: The changes in the Global Software Development by 2030
Global Offshore software development is changing constantly with the forces like new technologies and globalization. It will revolutionize the software development by 2030.

Do you work to live or live to work? Though the question seems simple, the answer to it is not that simple. The world is full of uncertainties. One such uncertainty was Covid19 which changed the global offshore software development industry. If we analyse the current global offshore software development market size, we can say that it is about to reach its zenith. It’s not too far that the pinnacle of success will be achieved by the companies, unicorns and start-ups working in the global offshore software development. 

With the rise of industry4.0, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality and virtual reality, software development will transform mobile and application development functioning completely. We are sailing through a pandemic age and experiencing drastic changes in the way we work and live in a competitive atmosphere. So caring for a futuristic vision and thinking innovatively to maintain productivity and efficiency is the main task that the entrepreneurs or the CEOs will have to look upon.

As the common saying goes, nothing is permanent but change. So along with the time the definitions and the common outlook regarding being an employee, a manager or a CEO or an entrepreneur are also changing. The pandemic forced the working conditions from office to remote and it is being seen as an evolution. But with this, there are many trends which are being seen as normal work patterns which are as follows. 

1. Globalized world 

Gone are the days when an MNC wouldn’t imagine a highly skilled and professional employee working from across seven oceans. Thanks to the globalized world, today a company can do its hiring, manufacturing or solve structural problems within a blink of an eye from any corner of the world. Globalization has connected every stratum and the level of businesses across the world. It has also brought the people from different cultures, social strat and languages closer than they expect. So companies can choose from a diverse pool of talented people from across the globe without any restrictions of borders, culture, or distance.

2. Connectivity 

Thanks to the advances in the internet, technologies like mobile phones, and tablets, we can now connect easily. It also offers mobility to businesses. So the work to be done now cannot be stopped because of the distance or lack of connectivity and hence it will help the companies to produce more and contribute more to the market. 

3. Altering work demographics

Currently, the global workforce constitutes more than 3.4 billion people worldwide. And among this workforce, more than 50% are those who are born between 1981 and 1996 which would be of the age 24 to 37. Many companies predict that in 2030 more than 75% of the workforce would be dominated by the millennials. Along with them, the changing mechanisms will also be altered in the companies. These Millennials will bring with them the modern ways and modern practices that might revolutionize the future workforce and working patterns across the world.

4. Changing Human Nature 

Right from the renaissance period to the 21st century, the change in human nature has been constant. Even the CEOs and their mindsets are also changing. For example, both Steve Jobs and Elon musk are great entrepreneurs. But both of them have a different set of behaviors and human nature. Similarly, the global workforce might need to adjust itself to the future employees and their changing human nature. The traditional job is becoming more inclusive, and interesting and involves a lot of work along with the good working conditions. Employees nowadays are connected and engaged on social media and also help the company’s profiles to grow on the social websites and in the world so that the company can reach every stratum of the society. The changes in the human nature and behaviors of employees have changed the workforce and the working patterns of many companies upside down and it is also helping them in a good way.

5. Technology 

Technologies have changed even the smallest thing in a big way in a day to day life. They have also revolutionized the globalized world and the business market. Many technologies like Metaverse, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, 5G, cloud computing and machine learning have increased the productivity of businesses in multifold. If the employee is upskilled and up-to-date with the technologies, the companies can ace the market easily.  

How the changed pattern of work will look like in the 2030s? 

  • Hiring will be easy: Due to globalization and the connectivity, the companies would have already aced the dilemma of hiring the right and quality person for the job. Now people are available from different time zones and cultures, there would be a great resource pool available for the companies. 

  • Reduced costs of the business: Companies might grab a bigger pie of the profit in the near future. The money and time-consuming parts like hiring, training, and asset maintenance would be solved by the technologies and so companies can be availed more profit and time with less input. 

  • Upskilled Workforce: Now that the world is enjoying a more diverse pool of employees, it will also help the companies to get skilled workforce and bring a huge business on board. 

  • Increased Market Size: Global offshore software market is experiencing a boom worldwide. And, in the upcoming years, there would be enormous growth in this model. The outsourcing of Global Offshore software projects would amount to a size of USD 900 billion, and it might reach USD 1300 billion by the year 2026. 

  • But every coin has two sides. The offshore software business will also have an Achillis Heel. There are also some drawbacks and weaknesses in its working model and it might hamper its work in 2030.

  • Agile is the past, present and future of global offshore software development. Agile management requires an experienced group of people in the workforce. Many are known by names like Scrum Master or project manager.

  • There might be an issue of higher costs in the near future. But it is worth it. As a company, you have to have faster software development, superfast delivery, and a good and shiny ROI with top-notch quality services. 

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