Digital Marketing Solutions: All About Google Penalties
Digital Marketing Solutions: All About Google Penalties
Is the drop in organic traffic from your website a cause of your worry? Or, you are manually penalized by Google. Do you doubt that digital marketing services can be of any help? In either case, learn how sound digital marketing solutions can rescue you from the situation.

The worst thing that can happen to a website is getting penalized by Google. No one wants to be in the penalty section, but even if your website has faced such an issue, this blog can help rescue you from the worst.


What does a Google Penalty mean?

A penalty is a punishment imposed by Google's webspam team manually. This penalty results from the website's inability to follow specific guidelines issued by Google. The penalty can lead to a dramatic drop in rankings and a loss of organic traffic from the website.

The adverse effects of Google's algorithm updates should be considered a penalty. In its guidelines, Google uses the term manual and algorithm actions to refer to a penalty.

Do penalties really help Google fight spam?

Google tries to present the most relevant and popular results to its users by specifying the criteria in its quality guidelines. It is called spam if the websites try to manipulate their rankings factors or go against the quality guidelines.

Every day, Google identifies around close to 40 billion spammy pages. This makes the concept of digital marketing serviceseven more relevant.

How does Google fight spamming?

Google systems can identify spam during crawling. This helps Google detect the spammy websites early in the process and prevents them from going to the next stage,i.e., indexing.

Even the content included in the Google index is verified twice for its quality. Therefore, the low-quality content is ranked lower in search results.

Google's AI-automated systems offer almost 99% protection against spammy websites. The remaining 1% are reviewed manually by its webspam reviewer team.

Thebest digital marketing company USA can offer solutions to avoid being categorized as spam, improve your website content quality, and rank better in SERPs.

How to identify if your website has been penalized?

One can view manual actions against your website under the Security and Manual actions in Google Search Console.

It's easy to identify and address the manual issue. There will be a steady drop in rankings, and Google might altogether remove you from the search results. But the same can not be said for the bot action where Google's algorithms have penalized your website, giving no such notification anywhere.

Only a qualified web admin from thebest SEO company can monitor the drop in organic traffic and examine if the decline is related to an algorithmic update.

The webmaster can continue his research and ask other community members if they're facing similar issues at their end. One useful source is Google Search Central Help Community.

What are the most common penalties for websites?

The most common Google penalties result from digital marketing solutions that consider Google dumb and manipulate it.

  • Unnatural links to your site ( for example, purchased links)
  • Unnatural links from your site.
  • Irrelevant content with little or no value

How to get rid of the most common penalties?

You can take the following action to lift algorithmic or bad links from your website.

  • Your digital marketing solutions should aim to check your anchor texts for over-optimization or irrelevancy.
  • Identify domains that are specifically made to sell links. They are easily noticeable as their content and images are a mess most of the time.

It would help if you did the following things to lift the manual ban.

  • Request review for a particular issue and disavow the poor links.
  • If its' not in your control to disavow those links, try writing to their webmasters to help you remove them.
  • If the penalty is due to thin content, take the help of the best digital marketing company USA for writing value-added content. Request a review of your website from Google only when you have rid of poor-quality content and provide necessary evidence in your review request.


All of us are lost sometimes if the above remedies fail to help you. Consider taking the assistance of a professionaldigital marketing services company.

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