Developing An Online Streaming Platform
Developing An Online Streaming Platform
Complete Clone Script For Netflix

Movies and series play a significant role in our lives. They are not just entertainment but are something we relate to a lot with daily. "Movies are a complicated collision of literature, theatre, and all the visual arts.                                                                                               

From quoting dialogue from our favorite movie to resonating a lot with a character in a series, we absorb a lot of content consciously and subconsciously. Online streaming platforms give us access to a variety of content to watch. Ever since online streaming started in the 1990s, it slowly started to replace watching movies in theatres. An app like Netflix gives the comfort of watching movies right from our place and the privilege of watching it how many times we want. Netflix is the most popular online streaming platform. Netflix makes a revenue of $20 billion. Developing a Netflix clone is an excellent idea. 

The key features of an efficient Netflix clone app are

Registration and subscription

 Users can log in using their email ID and phone number. The amount for the subscription should be affordable. The profile should allow access to a  number of multiple users enabling the family and friends to have a joint account.

Content search

The users should have plenty of content to choose from, and the platform needs to update on the content now and then. It must be easy to search for content based on categories of movies, shows, live TV, and much more.

Suggestions based on analytics  

Users must receive suggestions for content based on their view analytics. The content should be based on the genre of content according to users’ preferences. This enables the user to view more content of their liking.


The notifications of new offers and subscription packages should be notified to the users. The latest release of the content and videos should also be posted.


 Users can give their feedback and suggestions on the user interface and a variety of content in the app. This needs to be taken into consideration.

Wrap up 

Ever since the global lockdown theatres are not in operation, and when they will resume is uncertain. People have started to turn towards online streaming platforms, and investing in it is an uphill idea.