Development Trend of Inductors
Development Trend of Inductors
An article discuss the development trend of inductors.

Development Trend of Inductors

At present, inductor, as one of the three basic components of the electronic circuit, is widely used in computers, consumer electronics, communication equipment and other electronic fields.

According to the structure, inductors can be divided into two categories: insert type and chip type, while chip type inductors can be subdivided into laminated type, winding type and thin-film type.

In recent years, with the development of smart mobile devices, the market of electronic products has become broader and broader, which promotes the development of the inductor industry. In addition, the quality improvement of the information industry also makes the inductor enterprises focus on cultivating scientific manpower to achieve technological innovation, making the enterprises bigger and stronger. 

In the future, inductors may develop in the following direction:

1. Miniaturization and High-Frequency

At the moment, the most commonly seen inductor is the traditional wire wound chip inductor. This inductor usually adopts the small H-shaped magnetic core, which is formed by winding, welding, electrode moulding and then made by plastic sealing and other procedures. The inductance of the wire-wound chip inductor covers a relatively small range from 1.8nH to 1.2 H, but its self-harmonic frequency is high.

This traditional chip inductor has the following advantages: simple manufacturing process, excellent electrical performance, high reliability, and suitable for large current.

It also has some disadvantages. it is easily limited by the physical size of the magnetic core and the manufacturing process, which hinders the development of miniaturization.

With the improvement of the quality of life, people have higher and higher requirements on the communication quality, transmission distance and transmission capacity. For the moment, the transmission frequency of communication products is also developing towards high frequency.

As a result, the application frequency of inductors must also be increased.

Because the traditional inductor made of magnetic material can not meet this requirement of high frequency, ceramic material emerges at the right moment. At present, almost all high-frequency inductors are made of ceramic materials. 


2. High Inductance, High Power and Low Loss

Due to the inadequate technology in China, traditional inductor still makes up a big place in the field of high-inductance inductors. With the improvement of molding technology and magnetic powder material technology, the inductance range of chip inductor has been effectively improved, and the market demand has also soared.

Furthermore, with the development trend of low voltage and large current of chips and the environmental protection demand of low-power green products, inductors are required to have lower DC resistance and stronger current withstand ability.

So far, the tolerant current of laminated inductors has been improved from milliampere-level of the last century to ampere level. Inductors in the future will follow this trend.


3. Integration

People's life tends to be more intelligent and convenient, so most electronic products are also developing towards miniaturization. The volume of inductors has been reduced to the physical level, and integration has become the main development direction in the future.

Integration can reduce volume and cost. At present, LTCC technology is mainly used to combine inductors and other discrete components into complex modules to provide a convenient and fast integrated system. But integration also has a big obstacle, that is, heat dissipation and the heat resistance of components.

In the development of inductors, products like filters, couplers, balance-unbalance converters, duplexers with integrated inductors and capacitors have become gradually matured.

Finally, in module products made by integrated inductors and other active and passive components, RF module, VCO module, Bluetooth module and other products have been developed in the international market.


4. The Intensification of Enterprises

The whole electronic information industry is developing rapidly, the traditional inductor can not meet the current market demand of electronic machine.

Now, most of the inductor manufacturers in China are not large in scale, and there is an obvious gap between the domestic level and the international advanced level in product quality and scientific research and technology.

Intensification enables inductor enterprises to increase benefits through the improvement of product and scientific research quality, centralized management.

On the basis of all the present resources of the enterprise, modern management and technology should be used more intensively and rationally to give full play to the positive effect of human resources and improve work efficiency.

At present, what China should do is to give full play to the advantages of the market, human resources and labor costs, so as to realize the intensive production of inductor enterprises as soon as possible, expanding the industrial scale and promoting technological progress and upgrade.

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