indigo baggage allowance
indigo baggage allowance
Carry-on baggage can be allowed to be brought at IndiGo Airlines. These allowed items should be within the size and the weight range as stated in the IndiGo Airlines hand baggage allowance for domestic as well as international flights. IndiGo Airlines Baggage Policy for Transporting Pets may not allow pets or any other animals to be carried on its flights. Know everything about indigo baggage allowance, indigo domestic baggage allowance,etc.

IndiGo Airlines Baggage Policy for Domestic International Flyers

Based in India, IndiGo is a well-known carrier for its reasonable services. Focusing on the convenience of flying, it has put in place several policies that might be helpful on flights. Its baggage policy can be one among them. Considering that it goes to both domestic and international locations, the guidelines of IndiGo Airlines baggage policy can differ. Both free and rules involving charges can be included in them. When you wish to travel with it, knowing the complete cost involved may be a concern. By understanding the guidelines of the policy for different destinations as well as types of baggage, estimating the cost can become possible for a flyer.

IndiGo Airlines Baggage Allowance for Checked Items

For checked baggage, IndiGo expects it to comply with the regulations set for allowance. Regarding this compliance, you only need to ensure two things. Firstly, the dimensions of the bag should be 158 cm or 62 linear inches, length, breadth, and height combined. Along with this, the weight of the baggage should be 15 kg or 33 lb on a domestic flight. As an international flight traveler, the IndiGo Airlines baggage allowance for checked items should be 40 lb or 20 kg.

IndiGo Airlines Free Extra Baggage Allowance

This airline provides free baggage allowance to its customers. At no cost on domestic flights, at least one small bag/hand baggage/cabin bag can be carried. Its weight and size can be enough to fit beneath a seat when it comes to IndiGo Airlines cabin baggage allowance. Regarding check-in baggage, passengers can bring along one quantity with 20 kg weight.

To destinations such as Jeddah, the quantity of both bags can remain the same. In terms of weight, 7 kg and 25 kg can be allowed, respectively. The IndiGo Airlines baggage policy can enable the flyers to take the same quantity of bags with 8 kg or 30 kg weight to locations such as Zurich, Dublin, Brussels, and other Codeshare sectors.

When you are traveling to international locations with this carrier, free baggage allowance guidelines can remain the same as described above:

Speaking of IndiGo Airlines extra baggage allowance, the carrier lets you take the items by paying a cost. This cost may be determined by the number as well as the weight of the extra items. When extra baggage needs to be carried, it can be suggested to contact the airline at the earliest and purchase the allowance. Even for knowing the applicable rates, you can connect with it and accordingly decide whether or not you wish to take the items.

IndiGo Airlines Excess/Overweight Baggage Fees

As per the IndiGo Airlines baggage policy, passengers can be allowed to travel when they have excess items. Since these items can occupy more space on aircraft than allowed to each passenger of a class, excess baggage fees should be paid.

For both hand and checked baggage, INR 250 or $4 can be the flat rate applicable. Additional fees can be charged as per the weight of the excess bags. For 5kg, INR 500 or $8 may have to be paid. When the weight exceeds beyond and is up to 10 kg, INR 1500 or $24 can be the IndiGo Airlines excess baggage fees.

Going by the weight limits set by the air carrier, flyers may have to carry more items due to non-negligible reasons or circumstances. These items may add to the baggage weight. Providing them with the flexibility to fly even then, the airline can demand overweight fees. For checked, as well as hand luggage, IndiGo Airlines overweight baggage fees may remain the same as shown above

Other Things to Remember

This airline’s policy can be called unique for listing certain rules that can be great for luggage safety. IndiGo Airlines baggage policy includes instances in which passengers may leave baggage or may find it unattended at the airport. Usually, the passengers are advised to not leave their items as they can be removed by the airport staff. Along with this, they are also suggested to leave unattended bags untouched as they may carry suspicious or harmful elements within that may be a threat to the passenger’s life.

To Summarize the Above

The baggage policy of this airline caters to several passengers and situations. They may be headed to varying locations with different types of luggage. The policy simply defines the rules for all such instances. Thus, when you travel, you will be able to know the cost that you will have to pay including the baggage charges. Accordingly, you can decide how much or how many pieces of luggage to carry along to avoid unnecessary charges.