5 Signs You Need Water Heater Services In Denver CO - Sparks HVAC
5 Signs You Need Water Heater Services In Denver CO - Sparks HVAC
Hot water is highly crucial in every house. The blog discusses some signs that indicate it’s time to get the help of water heater services in Denver, CO.

Hot water is highly crucial in every house, and we depend on it for cooking, cleaning, and showering. It becomes essential in winter. Nonetheless, this appliance is just like other household apparatus, and it can malfunction like an electrical device in your house. You may experience a malfunctioning heater without the desired heat or temperature. Whichever the problem may be, hiring a professional plumber in Denver may get your appliance back on track. But when should you contact such HVAC technicians? The blog discusses some signs that indicate it’s time to get the help of Water Heater services in Denver, CO.

5 Signs it’s Time to Service Your Water Heater

1. Noisy Water Tank

Odd noises from the water tank may indicate many problems. A possible issue is the residue of sediments at the tank base. When the residue gets thickened inside, the water becomes less efficient and produces noise.

2. Rust-Colored Water

If the water looks dirty, there is a possibility that your heater might be deteriorating. It could cause loss of water and contaminated water.

3. Inadequate Hot Water

Getting insufficient hot water also signifies a problem. But changing temperature is sometimes not considered as an issue. It could signify mineral deposits’ accumulation, and you need to remove or rectify the heating element of your heater.

If you are not getting hot water, the pilot light may be an issue. If you don’t know how to service the pilot light, call experts in Denver. After all, it’s unsafe to handle the pilot light on your own.

4. Foul-Smelling Water

Bad smells from hot water also indicate that the water has a bacterial infection. Generally, you can sense the smell of a rotten egg. You can fix this problem by using a combination of hydrogen peroxide and water to flush the tank.

5. Water Heater Leaking

When your heater nears the end of its lifespan, there is a possibility that you will experience a failing water heater. Based on your water heater’s location in your house, a leak could risk certain water damage to your house.

The standard life expectancy of a home heater with proper servicing is 10 to 12 years. Even if it has no issues, it could be at a higher risk of a leak.

Get Professional Water Heater Repairs in Denver

You can handle some repairs around the house without an expert’s help. But repairing a water heater is different. It’s a complex appliance and possibly a risky unit. Hence, you should only hire professional HVAC technicians to handle it. Also, the repair should be handled by experts who know their job.

Contact us at Sparks Heating and Air if you seek a reliable Water heater replacement in Denver, CO, to care for your malfunctioning system. We have a license to work on all types of water heaters. Also, we have enough experience to give a solution to any HVAC issue you may be encountering. Our professional team of experts is always ready to correct your HVAC system.