Project Report Introductions
Project Report Introductions
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Project Report Introductions

Project Report Introduction

Project report is an overview/plan of the whole project report introduction for which you are going to take loan. The loan can be borrowed for the purpose of business or any other project where you need some capital to invest in.  

A project report should contain the following details to make your report perfect for the application to loan. perfect project report format consists of:

Introductory Page – The page will have the potential of the company, need, possibility, fund needed, and other details.  

Scope of the project– this includes the activities of your project and the scope and importance of your project in your region. It will be a snapshot of the whole activity that is related to your project.  

Details of Promoters/Directors – In these details the educational qualifications, work experience, KYC details should be mentioned.  

Product/services – What are you offering to the public? Your product details as well as its quality and specifications of your products.

Location details – this is important to mention the location of your site along with you can add a map of the area.  

Plant & machinery – Details of your plant and machinery used

Raw materials (if any) – Details of raw material used and mention them in a list with their transport details.

Market potential and marketing strategy – How big is your market? How you are planning to sell the product

Employees details –details of employees, their educational qualifications, work experience, etc.

Project cost – Total money (including your share) for building your project report interest rate

Application of fund – How you allocate funds in your project

Means of Financing – here, you need to give details about your source of funding.