Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers to Your Questions about Non-3d Payment Gateway
Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers to Your Questions about Non-3d Payment Gateway
Non-3D payment gateway assures payments without any authentication. Having this can persuade tremendous volume of traffic as the payments are hassle-free and quicker.

The non-3D payment gateway has played a great role in the wide-scale progress of merchants. It is widely accepted as the only medium to accept payments-especially among High-Risk Merchants. This is owing to the technology that underpins the Non-3D payment gateway. With the help of some frequently asked questions let’s understand the technology and what made it so popular.

1) What is Non-3D Payment Gateway?

Unlike others, the Non-3D Payment Gateway is the most widely adopted payment solution. It is a payment technology that enables merchants to accept payments from customers for their services or goods.

When the consumer makes a payment they are the one that encloses all details of payments filled by customers in the payments page to the processors where the amount is debited and credited to the merchant account.

In simple words Non-3D Payment Gateway power the payment transfer from one customer to a particular merchant or trader.

2) Who needs Non-3D payment gateway?

Merchants who are running an online business or store require this as the facilitator to earn online. Customers as for the convenience pay online via payment gateways using credit or debit cards in order to obtain services.

This is a highly secured method of payment in which no authentication is required to make the payments to merchants.

3) How Non-3D payment gateway works?

It works the same way other payment gateway works. It skips one step of authentication which is not in the case of other payment gateways. The validation of payments from the customer’s end is not required in this technology.

Whenever the customer fills in the payment details the information is encrypted for safety and passed to processors via gateways. Here processor processes the details of the payments without asking about the validation of the payment. The process is swiftly completed without taking much time. The amount is credited to the merchant’s account and the debit receipt is generated.

This process is much faster and safer than any other method.

4) How is Non-3D payment gateway different from other payment gateway?

Payment Gateways are the swift carriers of transaction information’s whether receiving or sending both are possible with such technology.

In the Non-3D payment gateway, the details related to one’s security are already stored with the banks in the form of security questions or other means.

This is re-examined when updating or change of payment methods. For example, on changing the debit or credit cards the password is set and stored once at the time of activation.

In the Non-3D payment gateway, no OTP or password is required to make the payment. But while paying with other payment gateways OTP might be mandatory.

Similarly, it is very easy and safer to do payments with such payment gateways.

5) What is the difference between 3D payment gateway & Non-3D payment gateway?

They are pretty much similar to each other but the payment environment they offer to users is different.

In 3D Payment Gateway, every time the customer makes the payment authentication of transaction in the form of OTP, MPIN, Thumb Impression, or password is required.

In the case of failing to authenticate payment will not progress.

But this is not so in the case with the Non-3D payment gateway, whenever the payment is executed with let’s say credit cards, The payment is quickly processed as soon as the card is swapped, without asking for authentication or validation by any means.

The payments with it are hassle-free and quicker to process.

6) Does it support credit card processing?

Credit card processing is one of the most expected features of Payment Gateways. The proficiency of gateways is sometimes decided with the processing of credit cards.

This is because credit cards are the most widely used and also accepted mode of payment. Having a good processing capacity of credit cards always encourages a higher number of customers.

There are several other benefits of credit cards that make it mandatory for merchants to have excellent support for credit card processing.

7) Can High-Risk Merchants use Non-3D payment gateway?

There are various merchants like casinos, gambling, gaming, e-commerce, forex trading where there is lesser time to make payment as things change instantly so in that case offering a payment gateway with 3D technology is not a good idea because sometimes authentication can cause a delay in payments. That is why most of the high-risk merchants utilize Non-3D Payment Gateway for their service.

No matter what business merchants do they are cautious about what matters their business growth. Integrating the Non-3D Payment Gateway can enhance customer’s traffic and hence their earnings.

8) How to get Non-3D payment gateway?

Getting a Non-3D Payment Gateway is not a difficult task. Just get to the right acquirer or the payment service provider along with the application. Having good financial stability along with fewer chargebacks will get you payment services quicker.

Merchants with unstable financial stability find it difficult to get payment services as every acquirer is afraid of financial loss with your business.

Several documents will be demanded which will be verified to know your capacity of the business.

It usually takes 7-14 days time to get a Non-3D Payment Gateway if all the documents are as per the consideration of banks or acquirers.

Merchants finding it difficult to get payment services can contact us.

9) What are the benefits of using Non-3D payment gateway?

There are several benefits of using Non-3D payment gateway

  1. Support High Volume payment transactions.
  2. Capable of processing payments in more than 80 currencies.
  3. Safety against chargebacks and frauds with PCI-DSS integration.
  4. No authentication.
  5. Easy and quick to process.
  6. Encourages a lot of payment options.
  7. Greater support for credit card processing.
  8. Customers find it easy to make payments.
  9. Easy to monitor and control.
  10. Integration via API is simple

10) What are the things to consider before getting Non-3D payment gateway?

Non-3D Payment Gateway has got a tremendous advantage over others but in order to avail this service from the payment service provider; there are few things that merchants should keep in mind.

  1. Always know everything about your service provider offering Non-3D payment gateway
  2. Is it worth getting for your business, ask the payment service provider.
  3. What are the operational and service charges for the Non-3D Payment Gateway?
  4. Does it support all widely accepted payment methods like credit and debit cards, APM’s
  5. How well does it support simultaneous processing of bulk payments?
  6. How much time will it take to integrate to your website?


Non-3D Payment Gateway is very important for high-risk merchants. Speedy and safe transaction without any validation is possible only with such a gateway. Businesses, where things change at every instance transactions with Non-3D Payment Gateway, can solve the purpose and assure huge benefits to merchants.