6 Best winter lipstick shades
6 Best winter lipstick shades
Here are 6 trendy, in-vogue lipstick shades to wear this winter season! Indulge in these tempting shades now

Here are 6 trendy, in-vogue  lipstick shades to wear this winter season! Indulge in these tempting shades now

The much-awaited winter season is here. Cold weather calls for sporting bright colors. A dash of bright red over a gray overcoat, a hint of chic purple teamed up with a beige jumper.. Say goodbye to the dull, lazy routine and flaunt the very best and brightest cosmetic colors. The easiest way to snap out of a beauty rut is by wearing using one of our highly recommended and favorite winter lipstick shades to amp up your style statement!


Whether it is a deep purple or berry color, among the beautiful methods to look sizzling hot during the dark days of winter is to scream cold-season chic. You can pick a lipstick with a balm like moisturizer in it or a blend of a lip gloss and lip stain. Whatever suits you, the idea is to keep your lips hydrated and supple as well. Listed below are our top 6 suggestions:


1. Crimson lips: If you're a daring, courageous woman who wants to beat the wintertime blues in style then crimson pout is your style! When you are averse to wearing a kick-ass red lipstick but looking for something similar then make a makes a bold, velvety, yet subtle statement with crimson shade. This shade looks super cute on fair skin. Team it up with cat style eyeliner look and orange blush on the cheeks.


2. Fresh fruity look: This winter, embrace tooty-fruity search for your lips and welcome freezing-cold weather in style. What is fresh-fruity look about? If that is what you have been wondering then let’s unveil the shade for you. So this is the hot pink lipstick which is probably the hottest neon fuchsia pink in a matte finish you would have ever seen in your life! After-all on a cold winter morning, all one needs is to shine such as a star. The purpose can be achieved with the strong color that's creamy, soft and filled with incredible moisturizing power.


3. Rosy pinkish-nude: A matte-finish, rosy pink that’s not too loud or overtly feminine. It applies such as a gloss, feels like a balm, but leaves the prettiest stain of natural pink that you may still find the next morning. One can also opt for a naturally nude shade. It’s a lipstick for those that don’t typically wear bright colors. A bit of a shimmer in the naturally nude gives you an advantage over a simple-winter-y-look as the subtle rosy nude-ish shade will blend with the natural lips. Besides, wearing a lipstick will keep your lips hydrated and supple.


4. Yummy Toffee: The perfect mix of brown, red, and nude that flatters all skin tones. Ideal for the Indian skin tone, a delish-toffee colored pout can be sported beautifully during day-time and it looks sexy during the night as well. Accessorize well while stepping out for a special occasion. Toffee colored lips look exceptionally awesome with brown cheeks and a shimmery-brown eyeshadow. Don’t hesitate to wear statement neckpiece or perhaps about a pair of earrings in dull-gold.


5. Sheer Black: And you thought black wasn’t your cup of tea? Think again. Best suited for a dark complexion, this winter swipe some sheer black lipstick over any other shade (it could incorporate with red and wine shades, or on top of black lips, apply a golden glitter) to give it a goth-sexy edge. When you are up for that, there is a very important factor you should consider while making a purchase. Do decide on a long-lasting finish as it tends to be more noticeable when it starts to come off. 


6. Shimmery gold: Wear this metallic-nude lipstick alone, or layer it over another to include a touch festive-Christmas galore. Even during the great Indian wedding season, in case you have chosen to wear any outfit that includes a detailed golden embroidery, a dash of shimmery gold on your lips is only likely to add so much oomph to your current style statement!