3 Ways to Make your Lipstick Last
3 Ways to Make your Lipstick Last
Ladies, we can all agree that there’s always a good lipstick to brighten a bad day.

Ladies, we can all agree that there’s always a good lipstick to brighten a bad day. And most of us want it to last the whole day. But if halfway through the day you know that your lipstick features disappeared, then simply believe us, you’re not by yourself!


Lucky for you, we realize some never-fail ways of making your lipstick go longer and look amazing. How exactly to have on lipstick for a long-lasting result?


Hydrate Your Lips First

Did you know that simply exfoliating your lips will make your lipstick application much more effective? All you have to is a delicate baby toothbrush and a lip scrub, and you’re all set. There’s no dependence on something fancy. Hold your good old toothbrush and tidy your lips to say good-bye to dried out or chapped lips.

Before you apply the best long-lasting lipstick, put in a layer of lip tint to your lips immediately after you clean or wash your face. A good lip tint like Lakme Cosmetics range will allow you time to improve wetness and elasticity on your lips. Applying lip balm as well protects the lips after exfoliating and prevents flaking of the lipstick.

Layer of Foundation

This is among the essential steps of several that you may skip. In the event that you seriously want your lipstick to remain all day, you need to begin prepping with a base. A creamy stick base is an excellent pick, as it is simple to apply and produces a smooth base. Stay foundations from Lakme Cosmetics be sure a weightless finish and don't let your lips dry because of a hydrating formula. Today, you are one step closer to achieving the best long-lasting lipstick effect. Get wide range of  lakme 9 to 5 foundation shades only at lakmeIndia.

Powder It

This is the ultimate lipstick retention tool and the end that many makeup artists swear by. After applying the lipstick, take half of a cells and press it between your lips. It will support to absorb all the excess. Today, take the spouse and put it on your lips. Puff the translucent powder on your lips through the cells, and then apply the ultimate coat to the center of your lip. This little trick really helps to seal the color without giving you a dry powdery effect.