Vont - Text on Videos Apk
Vont - Text on Videos Apk
Vont - Text on Videos is the popular product of youthhr.

Vont - Text on Videos is the popular product of youthhr.

★ More than 200 fonts are available.

★ You can install other fonts.

★ Text size is changeable.

★ Text color is changeable.

★ Text shodow is changeable.

★ Text is rotatable.

★ Text stroke color and width is changeable.

★ Text background color is changeable.

★ Letter spacing is changeable

★ Line spacing is changeable


APK file size of this app is 95M, and we suggest you use the Wi-fi connection when downloading to save your 3G data. Vont - Text on Videos works with Android "7.0" and higher version, so please check your system before you install it. 

The latest update of this app is on Dec 16, 2021. If you have any trouble with Vont - Text on Videos, feel free to go youthhr website and contact with the app's developers. We hope you enjoy this app and share it with your friends on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

How to install fonts

1. Download font file from online. To search font, just google \"FREE FONT\".

2. Open font file (***zip, ***ttf, ***.otf) in Vont.

NOTE: Don’t forget to check out font license before installing.

Ad-Free option

Ad-Free option removes all advertisements from Vont. If you want to buy this option, please go to "Settings" in Font and tap "Ad-Free Option".

Thank you and enjoy Vont - Text on Videos now!

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