Best 7 Ways to Detox Your Life
Best 7 Ways to Detox Your Life
Detox isn’t just a way to rid your body of harmful substances. It’s a process that can be applied to your mind, interactions, and spiritual self. When you create a detox process, you engage in an important form of self-care that can have immeasurable benefits.

The difficult part is figuring out how to detox fully. Part of that requires you to examine your own life and routine. What is causing you undue stress, for example? This will help you identify the areas of your life that need the most work. Once you know that, you can select from these seven ways to detox your life.

1. Use Filtered Water Instead of Tap

So many of us are chronically dehydrated and don't even know it. Oftentimes, we don't drink enough water because what comes out of the tap just doesn't taste very good. As a result, we either don't drink enough or substitute water with unhealthy alternatives like soda.

One solution is to switch to filtered water. This provides improved quality and taste compared to tap water in many cases. Also, This is a much better alternative to bottled water, which creates so much plastic waste.

When it comes to filtered water, you have so many options. You can install a filtration system directly on your faucet, have a professional install a whole house water filtration system, or use a pitcher or pour-over system. To make your water even more palatable, try Citrus or herbal infusions.

2. Get Rid of Toxic Social Media Relationships

When we create social media accounts, the vast majority of us have good intentions. We sign up to have positive interactions, connect with people, enjoy a bit of entertainment, and learn something. Sometimes, the goal of using social media is to build a professional network.

Sadly, what ends up happening isn’t positive at all. Social media just becomes a place of frustration where we:

  • Encounter hateful and toxic content
  • Engage in fruitless debates
  • Lose valuable time out of our day
  • Consume ads that are often designed to chip away at our self-esteem


So what’s the best approach? Most of us can’t or won’t give up social media completely. The next best step is to manage how we use it. This starts with our relationships on these platforms. 

Take a look at the pages you follow and the groups you've joined. Are you getting something beneficial out of these? Or have the groups devolved into petty bickering, and the pages you follow become nothing more than promotional content that doesn't add much value to your online experience? 

It may be time to liberally unfollow and unsubscribe.

Now the hard part. What about your social media friendships? Are they true friendships that are positive or fulfilling? Are your social media friends people you would spend time with in real life or trust with personal confidence? It’s okay to mute or unfollow people who aren’t adding anything positive to your life.

3. Practice Mindfulness Each Day

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that helps improve your ability to be present. Unlike other practices, you can engage in mindfulness daily and throughout the day. Here are a few ways to be more mindful:

  • Take time throughout the day to focus on your breathing
  • Notice things that make you feel grateful
  • Stop during stressful moments and pay attention to your five senses
  • Engage in mindful eating by sitting and savoring your food

People who practice mindfulness tend to be more resilient, stay calm in stressful situations, and may even experience some health benefits.

4. Clean and Declutter a Closet or Pantry

Clutter can be part of a very toxic cycle. It’s so common to accumulate things as a way of dealing with stress, depression, or lack of fulfillment. Then, your spaces become cluttered and disorganized. That’s another negative emotional hit. So you buy even more.

Cleaning the entire house can feel overwhelming. Instead, just focus on a single closet or your kitchen pantry. Pull everything out, purge what you don’t use any longer, and organize everything. That feeling of accomplishment just might be a hit of serotonin.

5. Connect with Nature

Parents are told to take their kids outside as often as possible. It's good for their bodies, mental health, and mood. It also helps them connect with the world around them. These are important needs, and they don't go away in adulthood. Despite this, most of us are deprived when it comes to spending time outside.

Set aside time each day to go outside. Walk the dog, take a short hike, or just hang out in your yard. You can even plan vacations with outdoor destinations in mind.

6. Trade Personal Care Products for Non-Toxic Options

Consider engaging in a regular personal care routine if you don’t already. This is an ideal way to prioritize yourself and take excellent care of your hair and skin. Just one question: Are your personal care products adding to or taking away the toxicity in your life?

If the shampoos, conditioners, and skincare products you use are full of harsh chemicals, you aren’t truly detoxifying your life. Additionally, these products are generally bad for the environment. Consider replacing them with nontoxic products.

Start with a few simple changes. You could create a homemade facemask with organic ingredients from your fridge and pantry. For healthier hair care, try Kavella balanced shampoo.

7. Reconsider Your Relationship with Your TV

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying television. Most of us watch it daily. That isn’t a problem until we let our viewing habits get out of control. Does your television watching include:

  • Binge-watching hours at a time
  • Tuning in to the 24-hour news cycle to the extent it impacts your mental health
  • Being sleep deprived after watching countless episodes
  • Giving up other hobbies and activities
  • Watching television in bed

These are all red flags that your television viewing habits are detrimental to a healthy lifestyle. It isn’t realistic to give up TV entirely. However, you can take a few steps, such as moving the tv out of your bedroom or committing to watching just an hour each day.