Celebrate Your Life’s Best Moments With Delicious Handcrafted Desserts
Celebrate Your Life’s Best Moments With Delicious Handcrafted Desserts
Love for delicious desserts always finds its way. Enjoy the comforts and flavours of premium handcrafted Indian desserts by Laddooh.

Celebrate Your Life’s Best Moments With Delicious Handcrafted Desserts

Don’t you love indulging your sweet tooth in luscious and decadent desserts? For us Indians, sweets are firmly rooted in traditions and customs. From a humble display of sweets during a religious ceremony to a lavish assortment of desserts at wedding soirees, sweets are an inevitable part of celebrations. It is no surprise that we have access to an array of desserts, including delicious Indian sweets and the flavoursome jewels of the western world's confectioneries. The joy of gliding your spoon through the moreish and velvety soft cheesecake is soul-stirring, right? Well, the decadence, aroma, and flavours of the tradition-inspired sweet goblets or laddoos are unparalleled too. Also known as a quintessential Indian wedding dessert, laddoos are a joy to eat. 

Life is too short to skip munching on these scrummy Indian desserts. Worried about the steep calorie score? Wondering, if only there was a way to switch out the artificial sweeteners with natural alternatives? Well, exclusively handcrafted Indian desserts by gourmet chef Sugandha Saxena bring life to your earnest wishes. From traditional indulges to innovative and out-of-the-box dessert ideas, the delicious and expertly handcrafted desserts by Chef Sugandha Saxena are class apart and one of a kind. 

Are you familiar with the recent surge in popularity of chef-made sweets in India? Standing out as a league apart is "Laddooh," a brand that serves a delectable line-up of fine, moriesh, and luxury handcrafted desserts. Now, cherish the long-lost flavours of classic besan laddoos at home. The chef whips up a delicious recipe, inspired by the authentic cooking techniques of her grandmother. 

Contrary to popular belief, rolling out the decadent laddoos are quite tedious and a hearty long process. Right from keeping an eye on fine roasting the gramflour to blending the best-in-quality dry fruits, organic sweeteners, and clarified butter, crafting the scrummy sweet balls is an intricate process. Quite explains what makes besan laddoos the bestsellers of the chef’s creations. The flavours, the textures, and the aroma of the handcrafted desserts fill the soul with satisfaction, and tantalise the tastebuds like no other.

Chef Sugandha Saxena is not just popular for the sumptuous and luxe besan laddoos. She is a culinary name, quite a favourite among eminent celebrities and royal figures. Her creations include a diverse selection of innovative, gourmet, and drool-worthy desserts inspired by the popular sweet courses of the west. Did you ever imagine biting into laddoos crafted using succulent berries? Exquisite and bursting with flavour, the sweet treats are no ordinary discovery. Indulge in premium and upscale desserts like red velvet laddoos, pista cashew laddoos, gulab pankhuri laddoos, petha laddoos, and many more. Why just laddoos? The list of premium-standard handcrafted Indian desserts includes the luscious gulkand kheer, the sinful lavender blueberry tapioca kheer, and the rich and tropical coconut tapioca kheer as well. 

Every dessert at "Laddooh" is carefully rustled up using a premium selection of natural ingredients. Besides, elements like 24 carat gold dust add spades of opulence to the appeal and look of the desserts. 

Do you have an occasion coming up? Whether you are gearing up for your big day or simply wish to dig into lip-smacking comfort food, desserts like laddoos, kheer, and halwa are pretty much staples. Don’t miss the rich, wholesome, and exceptional "Sona Chandi’ halwa by Chef Sugandha Saxena. Beautifully seasoned with luxe silver leaf, the bright saffron-enriched dessert is matchlessly appetising. Also, the multigrain jaggery halwa is a stellar creation. Brimming with nutritional elements, the dessert comprises nine different grains and best-in-quality jaggery, lending a delicious sweet note to the decadent dessert.