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Military Historia is an online platform that collects the most interesting blogs about military history. You can learn about the military's history here if you're interested in the subject. We cover a wide range of topics, from WWI to the Cold War to Today's Modern Times. This is the right place to learn something interesting about military history.

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    Documentary Explores Viking History: A Deep Dive Into W...

    The Vikings are one of the world's most well-known nomadic peoples. They ra...

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    Medal of Honor Hero

    The Medal of Honor is the highest military award that can be given to a sol...

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    Point du Hoc – The Lost Battlefield | Militaryhistoria

    The famous battle of Normandy, often referred to as the "bloodiest five min...

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    British Army Gets New Tanks: New Equipment Part Of ‘Fut...

    Through the Future Soldier program, the British Army is due for a major upg...

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