What is a Claddagh Ring and how to wear it?
What is a Claddagh Ring and how to wear it?
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The Claddagh ring is one of the most recognizable symbols of Ireland. But even if you aren't Irish, you just might find that the history and meaning of this design capture your heart!

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What is a Claddagh Ring?

A Claddagh ring comes in silver or gold, and it's in the shape of two hands holding the sides of a heart. The heart is topped with a crown. Traditionally, the rings have been used as wedding rings or gifted in the spirit of love or friendship.


Typical Designs and Materials

Most Claddagh rings have the same hands/heart/crown design, but the materials used vary greatly. Many Claddagh rings have a basic all-metal design, but some are inlaid with precious stones like diamond, sapphire, ruby, and opal.


The bands themselves can be made of sterling silver or gold, although gold is the traditional material. If you're looking for a more valuable ring, you can choose one that's been inlaid with precious stones.


One common inlay is emerald. This is a common choice of wedding ring for couples of Irish descent. The inlay signifies that the wearer is descended from Ireland, also sometimes called the Emerald Isle.


Or if you're looking for a more traditional wedding ring, you might prefer a ring with a diamond inlay instead.


You may also be able to find other gemstones used as inlays. Sapphires, opals, and rubies are a few examples. The stones are usually inlaid in the heart. But in some cases, the crown of the ring is made of jewels instead.


Claddagh Ring History


Like many centuries-old symbols, the Claddagh ring doesn't have a clear origin story. But the most likely story involves a man from the village of Claddagh (now a part of Galway).


The man, Richard Joyce, was kidnapped by Algerian pirates in the 1600s and forced to be a slave.


While in captivity, Joyce became a skilled goldsmith. He made a ring to present to his lover when they were reunited. The ring included three symbols:  clasped hands (friendship), heart (love), and crown (loyalty).


Joyce was released in 1698 and gave his lover the ring. She later wore it as a wedding ring.


It's also likely that the design of the Claddagh ring was inspired by the fede ring, a design that originated with the ancient Greeks and Romans.


The name of this ring comes from the Italian "mani in fede" or "hands clasped in faith." It's a simple design featuring two clasped hands.


Claddagh Ring Curse


Some people claim that it's bad luck to purchase your own Claddagh ring, as the ring has traditionally been given as a sign of love or friendship.


However, plenty of other people claim that this "Claddagh ring curse" is simply a myth, as people around the world purchase the ring and wear it as a sign of Irish pride.

Claddagh Ring Meaning


What does the Claddagh ring mean? We already saw that the three symbols on the Claddagh ring stand for love, friendship, and loyalty. Nowadays people around the world also purchase the ring and wear it as a sign of Irish pride.


    Clasped hands: Friendship

    Heart: Love

    Crown: Loyalty



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But what does it mean to flip a Claddagh ring?


Flipping the ring has its own meaning as well. When the ring is worn with the heart facing outward (with the crown facing toward the wearer), it signals that the wearer is romantically unattached.


On the other hand, if the ring is flipped so the crown faces out and the heart faces inward, it indicates that the wearer is romantically attached or even engaged.


But as we'll see in a moment, there are a few other rules and meanings behind this ring.


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