kid-friendly recipes! By VORPHY
kid-friendly recipes! By VORPHY
Admit it - this is the part of the year you've been waiting for all year. You're not alone. We are a group of holiday enthusiasts who share the same accusations and we understand you!

Christmas tree made of cookies!

Admit it - this is the part of the year you've been waiting for all year. You're not alone. We are a group of holiday enthusiasts who share the same accusations and we understand you! The cold winter breezes, the kaleidoscope of Christmas lights, the sound of Christmas carols ringing from open doors and windows, and the food! Christmas has the gift of making us kids again, like clockwork every year. And its effect on toddlers! Whether it's building a snowman in the yard, opening presents under the tree, or munching on Christmas treats, being a kid at Christmas is a joy. What if your child could help you hit said foods rather than just chewing them? Sound can't? Luckily, we've scoured the Internet for preschool-friendly cake recipes that are perfect for the holiday season. And yes, we have tricks to make meals sweeter. Let's cook!

Christmas tree made of cookies!

Ah, the Christmas tree! Ah, the Christmas tree! Who doesn't love you? Kids love their beloved Christmas tree and they love cookies! This innovative recipe from Taste of Home creates the perfect match between the two. The great thing is that it allows you to get rid of the pre-made cookie dough. Another benefit is decorating these cookie trees. Your little one will have fun!

Kidd Pirates:

Don't worry if you don't have round cookie cutters of various sizes. You can use the items in your kitchen! Wine glasses, bottle caps, small bowls, jar lids, etc. will do well. Turn it into a game! Ask the children to look for them as if they were participating in a mini treasure hunt. Cute and edible gingerbread people

Ah, the aroma of grilled gingerbread! Gingerbread cookies are a must if you have toddlers at home. Why? Well, those are tiny human-shaped cookies! And there are plenty of ways to experiment when decorating. M&M's, ice, sprinkles and assorted candied sugar will find their place on your delicious gingerbread rolls. Helen from Cooking with My Kids has a toddler-friendly recipe that proves this dish is so much loved by toddlers. Check it out!

Kidd Pirates:

There are so many opportunities to cook and learn with this one. Your child can improve their color and shape recognition skills, fine motor skills (all those crafting and decorating with ice cream!) and even enhance their understanding of emotions with expressions lovely for gingerbread people.

Christmas tree brownies on pretzel sticks!

Can you say that we are obsessed with Christmas trees? Here is another interesting fact:

We also love the chocolate macaroons! And something tells us that your little elf shares these obsessions with us. If so, they'll have the time of their lives to bake Christmas tree Brownies from The Spruce Eats with you. Honestly, it's hard to think of a more eye-catching and delicious Christmas twist to a classic roast. And look at those pretzel bars!


Kidd Pirates:

The dark green Christmas tree is the original Christmas decoration, but we know that many children adore white Christmas trees. If yours is one of them, skip the green food coloring. Interesting! Delicious red nose reindeer face


It's true what they say:

First, we eat with our eyes. And these red-nosed reindeer face cookies are a treat for the eyes as well as a treat for the palate. A sweet and creative poem for everyone's favourite reindeer, this cookie recipe has it all:

oranges, almonds, dark chocolate and M&Ms. Again, you can play around with sizes using kitchen accessories and kids can do a lot:

Knead, cut cookies and decorate!

Kidd Pirates:

If you're like us and want your edible Rudolph to look more realistic in color, you can replace the almonds with a bit of cocoa! Remember to balance these flavors.

Star and Star Cranberry Shortbread

You can't go through Christmas without sprinkling a lot of pentagrams, can you? And if there are stars, why not make them edible? Another super easy recipe from Taste of Home, these Cranberry Shortcake Stars are quick and fun to snack on. And while the deep red color of cranberries makes them a real Christmas treat, you and your little elf can get creative with blueberries, nuts, and chocolate chips, too!


Kidd Pirates:

The dried cranberries in this recipe can make it difficult to cut out the perfect stars, especially for kids. A quick way to reduce stickiness is to toss your cranberries in the flour before mixing them into the dough. Your junior chef might enjoy making this. Snowman melting on cookies

Helen from Cooking with My Kids took the art of cookie making snow to the next level with this one, and she did it with her kids! All it takes to turn a basic cookie recipe into a convenient Christmas treat is… marshmallows and icing sugar! An absolute joy to create, these melted snowman cookies can be made even more Christmas with red and green M&Ms for the buttons and snake lollipops for the waistbands!


Kidd Pirates:

Remember how things got so creative with chocolate when creating those reindeer faces? Apply the same sweet magic to your snowmen and give them twig-like arms!

Twisted Cookies

Twisted treats aren't just goodies to be enjoyed at Halloween. They can be a Christmas delight too, especially when they're in the shape and colors of candy cane! What makes this an absolute winner is the rolling and twisting involved. It will be just like playing with clay dough — only this time, the end result will be wonderfully edible!

Kidd hack: We know this is a Candy Cane Cookie recipe, but if you curve the ends of each cane completely and join them, you get another holly, jolly Christmas motif: the wreath! Section off a portion of your dough, add a spot of green food coloring, and stick Christmassy sugar candy shapes on if you prefer your wreaths to look more authentic. Whatever you do, we promise it will be delicious.

Nutella-center Christmas trees

We start this list with plants, and we'll end with pretty things. This time there's a generous amount of Nutella in the mix! However, you serve it to a child, Nutella is a win. Place it between two mini Christmas tree cookies and you've got a baked Christmas dessert they'll want year after year. Sprinkle golden pearl dust on the plant and you'll take a humble cookie recipe to golden heights.


Kidd Pirates:

Taste of Home calls for a cookie press to make Touch-of-Gold Christmas trees, but the cookie cutters should do the trick, as long as you get delicious, sprinkled Nutella sandwiches golden chocolate and has the shape of a Christmas tree.