What are the steps involved in developing a top-notch OYO Rooms like app?
What are the steps involved in developing a top-notch OYO Rooms like app?
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It is quite evident that the Internet revolution has transformed the hotel booking industry, as well. People nowadays needn’t wait for long hours nor worry about the availability of rooms. With the digitization of the sector, people get to know almost everything with just a few taps on their smartphones. The success of apps like Airbnb, OYO Rooms, etc., has propelled entrepreneurs to invest in this flourishing on-demand app industry. 

Are you an entrepreneur planning to launch an OYO Rooms like app? In such a case, you need to know the overall process involved in transforming your needs into a top-notch hotel booking app. Let’s look at the steps involved in development here, 

  • Ideation: Any business needs a businessperson’s visualization as to how the app should turn out and perform. In this phase, you need to identify those requirements that are required to develop the app. These include market needs, financial needs, and technical needs. In simpler terms, you need to know what the customers expect, identify the tech-stack, and pre-determine the budget beforehand. 

  • Design: The next step is to design the framework of the app. To enhance customer engagements, make sure your hotel booking app is user-friendly and simple to use. The UI/UX of the app plays a crucial role in determining the app experience. 

  • Development: In this stage, you develop the front-end and back-end of the online platform. While integrating features and functionalities into the app constitute the front-end, creating and maintaining servers and databases form the back-end development. 

  • Testing: To provide an app that is free from bugs and defects, the app must undergo rigorous testing procedures. This way, any glitches or errors in the platform can be rectified. 

  • Launch: Based on your target audience’s popularity, you can either launch your app across Android or iOS or both. 

What if there’s a way to bypass all these stages and launch your app instantly? With the advancements in technology, app development companies are rolling out clone app scripts. You can modify the hotel booking script that is available at economical prices, and launch your hotel booking app instantly!