Tips to Transform E-Learning with a Storytelling Approach
Tips to Transform E-Learning with a Storytelling Approach
While e-learning app development has been increasing, good engagement is the name of the game. With the storytelling approach, these apps and their included lessons can be made much more interesting for the learners, and we have some tips on how to make that happen!

E-learning app development is the NEW driving force behind the current trend of lockdown education. Despite all the positive vibes surrounding the same, e-learning app solution providers are now facing a new kind of challenge- keeping the courses interactive and always immersive.

This poses a challenge, as entertainment will always be a factor for consideration when learning has to be from home. As a result, developers will struggle, and as competition increases within the domain, instant gratification will be difficult for sure.

Bringing in a much-needed dose of entertainment into e-learning mobile applications brings engagement to the overall e-learning experience. With so many service providers, e-learning application development needs to be given a twist- a twist of storytelling.

What is Storytelling?

Storytelling is the traditional technique of enhancing imagination by delivering information with a very interactive method of word use. Whenever storytelling is incorporated into e-learning courses, the general rate of success is guaranteed.

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The result is the delivery of online courses that make them less boring.

How Storytelling Can be Included in E-Learning

1- Character Development

Characters are bound to give an added profile to your e-learning course. Developing a character throughout the course duration provides a personal touch and humor to the course. The relevance also stays intact.

Inducing some form of communication between the characters to explain different concepts makes the characters believable and relevant too. But then again, sticking to the core topic is crucial.

2- Story Development

Characters are very important, but they are the driving elements of a story. As far as storytelling goes though, there are a few other things that come into play-

Introduction- Characters are introduced in the first lesson. In the case of multiple characters, they are explained to users one after the other, as they will be important for the overall concept.

The issue/problem- It’s the most important element for the entire story. More interesting issues lead to great outputs, as the delivery of outcome will give in the sense of high satisfaction among all the users.

The plot- A plot is what binds and takes the entire movement ahead. With the right plot, learners are kept engaged as well as emotionally invested for the duration of the entire online course. If certain elements get skipped, then your online course is surely going to lose the interest of learners.

3- Story Visualization

Whenever you are developing an e-learning course, the best part of it is that you are no more reliant on words. This is where visuals play a huge role

By delivering the key concepts through visual presentations of the highest quality, you can create amazing character graphics and then put them in different situations. Other than this, you can also play around with different fonts and templates for designing a good online course.

If used with a clear-cut purpose, every small visual element will add to the complete appeal of the e-learning application or module.

4- Focus on Education Element

Yes, a story to enhance the learning aspect is a great way, but this story should never overwhelm the learning associated with it. At the end of the day, education needs to be continued, and good storytelling should be able to ensure that function, not overpower it.

Apart from this, even with storytelling, lessons should be kept considerably shorter. This is simply because long lessons will dilute the learners’ interest in the lesson. Quick, to-the-point lectures are what will keep the learners engrossed in your e-learning application.

Closing Thoughts

If you compare traditional learning methods with e-learning, you will find that the former is more boring, and it is storytelling that makes all the difference. With proper online educational app development, it’s absolutely no problem to deliver lessons through the medium of a story.

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