Rooftop Solar Policy And Regulation: An Impediment Or Catalyst in Rooftop Solar Installation?
In 2015, India increased its target for renewable energy to 175 GW, out of which 40GW was assigned to the Rooftop Solar PV segment. Unfortunately, the rooftop solar sector has witnessed sluggish growth, with total installations reaching only about 6 GW as of June 2020.

Rooftop solar installation in India has not achieved the desired pace despite the government push. Poor and little implementation of net metering policies is a major hurdle for the uptake of rooftop solar adoption in India. Other major reasons are policy enigma, ill-designed Rooftop Solar policy, distorted market, technical challenges involving grid connectivity, etc. Now the question arises that "Rooftop Solar Policy And Regulation is An Impediment Or Catalyst in Rooftop Solar Installation?" Read this blog to know the answer.