Role of Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agents
Role of Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agents
If you wish to transport the goods overseas, freight forwarding services in Dubai can be the best option for you. Know how they can help you with exports.

Exporting goods involves a lot of responsibility for the shippers. That is why most shippers rely on freight forwarding services in Dubai to fulfill their shipping needs. Businesses looking for assistance to carry out their export needs can choose SLR shipping services LLC. With the help of the expert customs and forwarding (CAF) agent, you can get your goods exported easily without any need to invest your time and efforts. Let us introduce you to the various roles of customs clearing and forwarding agents for the successful export of your goods:

Documentation and formalities

No matter what type of goods you transport overseas. You need customs clearance for transporting any goods overseas. The role of CAF agents in exporting goods outside the country is to prepare a shipping bill to attach in the prescribed form. The shipping bill consists of the various documents required for customs clearance. The freight forwarding companies in Dubai ensures that you get all the documents for the shipping bill, such as:

  • Original export contract

  • Invoice for the goods

  • Packing list

  • GR-1 Form or EP Form prescribed by Exchange control council.

  • Both original or duplicate AR 4 or AR4A forms.

  • Proforma showing any drawback of duty in case any.

  • An approved copy of RBI in case of any deferred payments.

  • Copy of L/C, if any.

Approval of Carting Order

Once the shipping bill is prepared, attached with the form, the permissions are taken for the carting order. When the goods are moved from the harbor to the shipping port, the Port Trust's Superintendent needs to approve the goods. His role is to identify the Cargo lying on the Dock that needs to be moved to the allotted ship. This order or allowing the Cargo to transfer goods to the Shipping port is known as Carting Order. This might sound like a highly complex task. That is why freight forwarding services in Dubai are the most trusted source for handling these custom duties.

Customs examination at the Dock

The primary purpose of the customs clearance process is to ensure that goods packed in the Cargo are the same as listed on the shipping bill. That is why a thorough examination of the goods is taken to save all kinds of illegal activities. Physical examination of goods is also done if necessary to confirm that it is certified on the shipping bill. Only after the endorsement, the goods will be "Out of Charge" from customs. Freight forwarding companies in Dubai ensure that all your goods will be "Out of Charge" within the shortest duration as possible.


Obtaining Let Ship Order


Once the goods are ready to load, permissions are taken from the preventive officer. This permission is known as "Let Ship Order." This order is attached with the duplicate shipping bill as an endorsement. Without this order, the shipping company won't accept the Cargo on the board of the vessel.

Issuing mate receipt

When the goods are finally loaded on board, the ship's captain also issues a document known as "Mate receipt" as proof of taking charge of the goods. When you partner with the freight forwarding companies in Dubai, you don't have to worry about the entire process. A multimodal logistics company like SLR shipping LLC has the expertise and resources to efficiently carry the customs clearance duties.