Launch a profitable e-learning Udemy clone app during the Covid-19 pandemic
Launch a profitable e-learning Udemy clone app during the Covid-19 pandemic
Are you willing to develop an e-learning app? The Udemy clone is an inclusive offering that is the best way to connect the learners and instructors in a streamlined way.

Udemy Clone App Development

Amid the pandemic, e-learning has surged to a greater height as people seek a way to be productive even while staying at their homes. Besides this, there is a growth in professional skills and passion topics.  

The growth percentage of some of the top-ranked professional skills are 61% (Neural networks), 131% (Communication skills), and 206% (Growth mindset). Similarly, the surge percentage of a few of the passion topics is 402% (Pilates), 920% (Technical drawing), and 292% (Ukulele). 

Udemy - A huge surge in demand for online learning:

There is a 130% growth in e-learning enrollments in the United States, 280% in Spain, 320% in Italy, and 200% in India. 

Creative skills like Adobe Illustrator have a 326% increase as people in the United States prefer it widely. People in Spanish are focused on learning Piano (466% increase) and Investing (262% increase). 

People in India are preferring to learn Business Fundamentals (281% increase) and Communication skills (606% increase). People in Italy are taking courses on Guitar (431% increase), Copywriting (418% increase), and Photoshop (347% increase). 

Remote work: A surge in enrollment of courses

At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have shifted to remote work. Yes, everyone is working from their home and virtually connected with their co-workers. There is no way to travel from one place to another for in-person events and training in this situation. 

Therefore, employees are enrolling themselves in the courses that help their professional as well as personal growth. Some of the topmost courses enrolled with their growth percentage are as follows.

  • Telecommunicating – 21598%

  • Virtual teams – 1523%

  • Decision making – 277%

  • Self discipline – 237%

  • Stress management – 235%

A platform to share knowledge and supplement income

There is a rise in course creation as this paves the way for experts to share their knowledge and supplement their income through online teaching. A few of the new courses which have huge demand are as follows.

  • Office productivity – 159% increase 

  • Health and fitness – 84%

  • IT & Software – 77%

  • Personal development – 61%

Pandemic has fueled investors’ interest in an online learning platform like Udemy

Udemy had raised an additional $50 million and boosted its valuation from $2 billion to $3.25 billion. According to Bloomberg, the lead investor in the new round is the Chinese tech company Tencent Holdings. Duolingo, an online language-learning app maker, announced that Udemy’s valuation had increased to $2.4 billion.   

The Covid-19 pandemic has ignited investor's interest in e-learning. This was because everyone has been forced to stay at home during this crisis as most employees are looking for ways to learn new skills. Also, some of them want to make their day productive by learning new courses. 

Udemy has more than 130,000 classes, most of which were sold in the range between $10 and $20. Phil Ebiner, one of the popular instructors, has a selection of 100+ photography and video editing courses, including pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and message board questions.

Udemy Clone – A replica of the largest online learning platform

Are you willing to develop an e-learning app? The Udemy clone is an inclusive offering that is the best way to connect the learners and instructors in a streamlined way. 

Udemy Clone script is the one-stop e-learning app solution that is pre-built with spectacular features and recent technology. This empowers you to launch the app instantly. Other benefits are 100% customization, scalable & white label solution, and readily available solution.


Some of the extensive features are as follows.

  • The Course reminder feature reminds the learners of the courses they have to complete for the day. They have the option to set reminders at any point of the day and repeat them as per their convenience.

  • Using the Course discussion feature, learners can discuss the courses with other learners who have already enrolled in the course. 

  • Once learners complete the course, they will get a completion certificate which helps them get recognition for their skills.

  • Learners can avail of extra benefits for successful referrals in the form of discounts on courses.

  • The Multiple payment gateway integrations make the seamless payment process more secure. Learners can choose the available payment modes at their convenience.

In a nutshell

Online learning is at a peak and expected to reach new heights in upcoming years. Udemy clone comes as a better e-learning app solution that bridges the gap between the learners and instructors. Associate with a reliable mobile app development company and get your customizable app.