How can producers avoid grain bin condensation?
How can producers avoid grain bin condensation?
There is a range of grain storage equipment that can be used to prevent grain bin condensation. Read this blog to find out how?

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The Spring and Fall seasons bring changes in temperatures which help initiate the process of forming condensation on the bin's surface. Condensation is a natural phenomenon that occurs when warm moist air comes into contact with cold surfaces such as metal bins. When warm moist air comes into contact with cold surfaces such as metal bins it creates condensation on their surface, which can affect grain quality.  It can affect production rates and cause severe damage to stored grain by means of mold development or rusting of agriculture equipment if not managed properly.

How can producers avoid grain bin condensation?

1)  Manage the temperature inside the bin:

Preferably the temperature inside the bin should be maintained between 6°C and 12°C (43°F to 54°F) which is considered the ideal temperature for storing the grains.  The temperature level can be accessed using temperature sensors installed inside the bin at various spots.  The modern farming equipment, techniques, and tools have helped the producers in maintaining the right temperature for the grains in the bin. At the same time, the variations in the temperature levels inside the bin can be tracked with the attachment of an alarm system that can trigger an alarm as soon as there are any changes in the temperature of the grains

Modern-day farming techniques have helped producers regulate the right temperatures for grains through the latest tools and farming equipment available in the market, however it is also necessary to constantly monitor temperature levels within the bin by taking samples at different spots and identifying average value.

It is also recommended to thoroughly clean the bin before filling it with grain. Organic matter can act like a sponge in promoting condensation, which may cause quality problems in the product.

2)  Control the moisture content of the stored grains:

The recommended moisture content to be maintained in wheat is 14% - 18% which can be achieved by controlling the ventilation rate of the bin, however, this moisture level may differ according to region and time frame so it should be adjusted accordingly. Moisture monitoring equipment installed inside the bin provides an accurate reading of the moisture levels. You can monitor the moisture content by assessing samples taken from different locations of the bin, identifying the average value then adjusting it to the desired level using suitable grain storage equipment.

Even though humidity levels indoors remain relatively low because of a high rate of evaporation from the stored grains, small amounts of moisture may still be present in some cases which can lead to an increase of relative humidity significantly enough to cause condensation. The moisture level can be monitored using moisture monitoring equipment installed inside the bin such as Grain Temp Guard Probes and Alarm System HD which gives an accurate reading of the moisture levels. The average value determined from the samples taken from different locations of the bin should then be adjusted to the desired level using appropriate grain storage equipment.

3) Moisture-managing system:

A 'smart' control system that measures humidity, temperature, and airflow potential accurately has been developed by Farm Shop to manage grain conditions precisely throughout all stages of storage. It is known as Grain Bin Moisture Control Package. 

The Grain Bin Moisture Control Package is a complete package to manage the moisture content and condensation if any taking place inside the bin.  It comprises of the following:

  •  EndZone fan control - Automatic fan controls to operate the bin fans automatically. 

  • Grain Temp Guard Alarm HT-  Moisture sensors

  • Grain Temp Guard Side Wall Mounting Kit

  • Grain Temp Guard Probes – Alarm HT - Alarm system


The quantity of the above products can be adjusted according to the bushels of grains stored in the bin.  All the automatic agriculture equipment can be connected with each other using Grain Temp Guard cables

Grain Bin Moisture Control Package allows producers to optimize conditions for high productivity and minimum grain damage. The system can be used in conjunction with other equipment that regulates the storage environment to allow producers to monitor conditions remotely or in real-time.

Producers can follow certain steps to avoid grain bin condensation at any time during the storage period. The factors that are most likely to cause condensation are temperature variations, moisture content of stored grains, and low airflow rate in the bin. You should ensure good ventilation, check for moisture content levels regularly throughout the storage period, and maintain the optimum temperature inside the bin. By following these simple techniques, producers can avoid significant losses especially because these factors affect the quality of the product over prolonged periods of exposure. It is also necessary to monitor conditions in real-time or remotely with a 'smart' control system that allows producers to optimize conditions for high productivity and minimum grain damage.

Producers should understand all aspects of moisture movement through the bins, including airflow, temperature levels, and humidity so they are able to maintain the recommended airflow rate within the bin at all times. Proper temperature control will help producers avoid freeze injuries while preventing other problems associated with excessive heat buildup inside the bin. While proper moisture management allows producers to operate at optimum efficiency while protecting product quality and maximizing profit potentials throughout every stage of the production cycle.

Using Farm Shop products has helped various producers to manage the stored grains and to improve their quality.  So, if you are looking for automatic devices that can store the grains effectively in the bin, then contact today to place your order.