Continuous Insulation Properties & Applications
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Continuousinsulation or polystyrene insulation boards are a form of rigid insulationcommonly applied on all sorts of building envelopes, such as walls, floors, androofs. But thosearen't the only types of rigid insulation. You can also pickPIR boards or phenolic boards, depending on the region you are insulating andthe method of insulation. Before you decide on the type of rigid insulation youwant to build with, you’ll need to know more about the products themselves.

ContinuousInsulation Properties

Dueto their rigid structure, continuous insulation products are robust andresistant, so they will properly seal the area they are applied to, adding astrong, protective layer to your commercial or residential building.

Anothergreat thing about continuous insulation is that it is a waterproof, impermeableboard, which makes it great for areas where flooding or water penetration couldcause some serious issues. This gives it a distinct advantage over other typesof insulation, which could become permeable over time and cause irreparabledamage to buildings.

Eventhough it’s resistant and durable, the boards are also very easy to transportand cut, allowing you to adjust their size and shape to any area requiringinsulation. This comes in handy when insulating inner walls and tight spaces, asyou’re not trying to plan around it, instead, you’re able to conform it to anyplans already made.

ContinuousInsulation Applications

Continuousinsulation products have a vast field of applications due to their superior insulationproperties and easy installs. You could use this insulation product for pitchedand green roof insulation, suspended and ground bearing floors, internal walls,and even masonry cavity walls separating floors. Each surface determines theinsulation method, but some basic rules are commonly applied and dictated bythe board's structure.

Theinsulation process itself is pretty straightforward. Measure the length and thewidth of your walland shape the board accordingly. It would be best to add someadhesive on the back of the board and add it to the wall or any surface onwhich you plan to apply the board, while always making sure the boards fittightly with the space you are insulating.

Finally,for internal wall insulation, you will have to construct and put a timber framewall against the insulation board. This will make the base for some finish ordrywall but will also keep the boards well in place. Before attaching theboards, always make sure that all potential cracks and gaps in the wall areadequately sealed and that the wall is properly cleaned so the board can fitonto the surface. 


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