Castor Meal-De-oiled Cake: All you need to know.
Castor Meal-De-oiled Cake: All you need to know.
The Castor De-oiled Cake is an excellent environment friendly organic fertilizer and Sun Agri Export is largest exporter and supplier in India, since 2011.

Castor De-Oiled Cake Manufacturers & Suppliers in India.

Having the organic fertilizer at your ease could be amazing as they come with a bag full of benefits that would become essential to both your organic farming and of course the farming budget. There are a plenty of organic fertilizers that are simply useful to the lands and that would be beneficial for the crops and the plants to grow more healthy and faster. Well, here we are discussing about castor meal or the castor cake suppliers in India that works as the perfect natural manure for the crops and helps in quick fertilization of the soil leaving some good level of benefits from every aspect including the financial side.

What is Castor Meal?

Castor meal is an extract from the castor cake that serves a bunch of uses and comes in a variety of castor forms too. Castor meal is also known as castor residue, castor extract and even de-oiled castor cake or meal which is finally obtained after the extraction process and is one of the most natural and versatile manures used in plants and for soil fertilization. Of course, this particular extraction process of castor cake suppliers in India is a little lengthy which also includes the multistage solvent process, post which the castor meal is achieved. 

This matter contains all the nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, nitrogen, potash minerals and all sorts of essential organic matters that would be required and beneficial both. Such organic manure does not contain any type of hidden chemicals and does truly enhance the fertility and the stability of the soil without causing the strength of the soil. The nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are the most required elements for the perfect growth of crops that also holds the traces of highly active nutrients like copper, zinc and manganese to make a balanced fertilizer. 

Yes, castor de-oiled cake manufacturers in India also helps in neutralizing the chemical factors in the other fertilizers that would be used. Indeed, castor meal works as an all-rounder, from being a perfect fertilizer for the crops and plants to being the healthiest feed for the animals. Yes, once you have neutralized the castor meal after the extraction process and other important stages, the detoxified castor meal can also be fed to the animals and can be used as animal feed as it is used by most of the agricultural associations and it is also environment friendly and is suggested by the experts.

Uses of Castor Meal

Well, now you know what castor de-oiled cake manufacturers in India contain and they are a lot beneficial and healthiest to both animals and the soil. 

  • Can be used as both fuel and fertilizer and are the two primary uses of castor meal.
  • It provides an extensive level of both minor and major nutrients for better plantation and growth.
  • De-oiled cake is often used as the fertilizer as it proves with major benefits.
  • Castor meal when used as the fertilizer increases the nutrient value in the plants that would eventually increase the productivity of the soil.
  • It also does protect the plants from termites and the nematodes and other insects that could harm the crops and the plants.
  • The farm produce quality is improved along with chemical, physical and the biological properties of the plants.
  • The sucrose content in the juice (can be used for fruit plantation including sugarcane).
  • This also sufficiently increases the N content in the straw and grain that enhances the P indices of the soil.


Using fertilizers could be a better way for your plants and soil to grow healthier, but have you ever thought about the cons that it poses to the fertility and health of the soil. When you use castor meal for the soil, it covers up a lot of benefits including the nutrient and energy factors that the plants would need. Organic and natural fertilizers could be amazing, and the results are visible soon enough.