5 essential questions you must ask your freight forwarders
5 essential questions you must ask your freight forwarders
Want to ship your goods worldwide? Here are the five questions you must ask a freight forwarding company in Dubai before finalizing them.

The freight forwarding industry is becoming more complex day by day. Whether you are a business or an individual, you need to ensure that the freight forwarders in Dubai you choose are perfect for your needs. But how will you find out? Most shippers mistake selecting a freight shipping partner without doing the proper research. Here we have a list of the top 5 questions that you must ask your freight forwarding partners before partnering with them:

Do you have the proper networking?

A reliable and well-established freight forwarding company in Dubai has extensive networking across borders. Without extensive networking, freight forwarders cannot provide efficient and timely services to their customers, and they must have extensive networking with shipping agents across the globe.

Do you provide real-time tracking?

Your consignment goes through several stages during the freight forwarding process. You need to ensure that the freight forwarders in Dubai you choose offer complete transparency to their services by providing a real-time tracking schedule. There is no point in choosing a company that does not offer a live tracking facility to its users. With a live tracking service, you can easily plan alternative actions in case the shipments get delayed due to uncertain factors.

Do you provide customs clearance?

Customs clearance is the most critical factor during the freight forwarding process. It is recommended to choose a freight forwarding company in Dubai specializing in providing customs clearance processes. Since any delay in your shipment process can lead to a massive impact on your entire supply chain, it is best to hire a company that provides complete logistics support. If the company you choose does not provide customs clearance, you need to hire a separate service provider to handle your customs clearance process. That is why it is wiser to choose a logistics company like SLR shipping services LLC that provides complete services.

What services are included in your quote?

Another most essential question you need to ask your freight forwarders in Dubai is about the services included in their quotes. Sometimes, logistics companies fool their customers by providing them with incomplete rates. Later they increase their prices during the transit so that you cannot deny the payments. Customers have to pay them to get their goods at any cost. Ensure that the freight shipping company you choose is transparent about their prices to save yourself from last-minute losses.

What experience do you have in freight forwarding?

The entire freight forwarding process depends on the expertise of the logistics company you choose. The first thing you need to ask your freight forwarding company in Dubai is whether it has the expertise to carry the shipping process you need or not. Each company you choose doesn't have the relevant knowledge you require. So, it is better to do complete research before finalizing.