Trending E-Learning Tools
Trending E-Learning Tools
Simply releasing an e-learning app into the market will only have limited traction. Features have to be there, and we have a different take on the kind of e-learning tools that you simply can’t miss for a great e-learning product.

Trending E-Learning Tools that You Can’t Ignore!

Thanks to this world we are living today, a pandemic has made us hesitant to move out of our homes, apart from the most urgent of tasks (and no, we are not talking about the ones who are not taking this pandemic seriously).

The growth of technology is at an all-time high, where we have made more progress in the last two decades than all the growth before them. Despite it all, education and learning is something that has to be continued irrespective of everything. Remote learning has been made very simple with e-learning apps, that have made learning consistent even with all those lockdown restrictions.

Thanks to innovation, keeping up with the new e-learning tools can also be a little difficult, but it is something that’s also essential. As an e-learning service provider, you do need to stay in top shape with your delivery strategy, so that your solution is among the best out there in the market.

In the better tools of e-learning, responsiveness, automation, and gamification are taken as must-haves to make an impact.

Here in this one, the ‘tools’ don’t refer to any apps that can make e-learning app development simple. They are more elaborate as they constitute a part of the overall e-learning strategy. Long story short, the tools we are going to discuss will help you craft a better e-learning strategy.

Without further ado, let’s dive in-

1- Wearable e-learning tools

E-learning has emerged as one other industry where wearable technology has made a huge impact apart from health and fitness. The corporation leaders in the scenario are Google and Apple, which should not come as a surprise.

Google has the Google Glass, which has features like the Heads Up Display, allowing for access to additional resources during their learning process. The increasing use of AR and VR will carve this same sector even further, as e-learning makes it a safe alternative too.

2- Automation

E-learning apps have automation written in BOLD letters for the future. Many innovative tools have allowed reduced development times and costs. Automation also assists the instructors to define how the students learn, bringing new strategies that can be personalized as per the needs of individual students.

3- Gamified Elements

Kids and workforce constitute a huge part of the e-learning sector. As a result, gamification becomes integral. The spirit of competitiveness, leaderboards, and immersive elements should be a big part of your e-learning app development strategy, as studies have constantly shown that gamification has a major positive impact on engagement.

4- Responsiveness

Learning management systems, or LMS needs to be credited for bringing e-learning models to smart devices as well. With immensely high levels of responsiveness, users get to enjoy impeccable understanding and readability among many different things.

Companies are increasingly allowing their workforce to use their own devices in their workspaces, further highlighting the importance of e-learning applications that are highly responsive in their operations.

5- APIs (Application Programming Interface)

APIs offer immense compatibility right through various operating systems and platforms, keeping a track of the progress in learning and facilitating the communication between different platforms to ensure consistency.

6- Availability of Analytics

The competition we have today is highly dependent on analytics and databases, and e-learning is no different. Analytics allow for high customization on all the related aspects, which in turn takes the complete user experience to a whole new level.

Enhanced technology makes it possible to provide accurate data like time spent on every single course, page leaves, learning preferences as well as the penetration capabilities of a concerned e-learning strategy. With the right LMS, you can even track the progress and growth of learners, making your e-learning platform very powerful in its own right.

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The Last Word

It goes without saying that the number of e-learning apps available today has grown exponentially, and will keep with the same pace for the time being. This is where it becomes very crucial to have the right e-learning app ready for the market at the time of release.

Now, what we have mentioned are not exact tools per se, but their abstract nature alone is enough to highlight their importance. If you are looking for cutting-edge e-learning app development, then Consagous Technologies is a great choice. With more than a decade of experience, you cannot go wrong here.

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