Disc granulator is one of the commonly used equipment in organic fertilizer processing equipment. The disc granulator is lined with high-strength FRP,

Problems in operation of disc fertilizer granulator

Disc granulator is one of the commonly used equipment in organic fertilizer processing equipment.  Disc fertilizer granulator has a wide range of applicability, which can be used as organic fertilizer granulator or NPK fertilizer granulator. The disc granulator is lined with high-strength FRP, which has many advantages, including uniform granulation, high granulation rate, stable operation, strong and durable equipment, fertilizer granulator machine price concessions and long service life.  It is an ideal granulating equipment. The following are the main problems in the operation of disc granulator:

1. The joint between the prilling nozzle and the central pipe often leaks. This sealing point extends into the prilling tower with the nozzle, and the leakage will cause the urine to adhere to the tower wall and the prilling tower and scale.


The central pipe of disc granulator is connected with the nozzle by concave flange, and the PTFE sealing ring is clamped in the groove. Because the ring is deformed and softened after long-term use, the seal between the two flanges is leaked, and the urine is directly sprayed into the prilling tower.

2. The liquid often overflows from the top of the disc granulator.

The central pipe of disc organic fertilizer granulator machine is about 2m long, the upper part is connected with the material pipe by flange, and the lower part is directly inserted into the nozzle. During the installation and maintenance of disc granulator, it is not easy to ensure the coaxiality of the central tube and the casing. Long term operation will lead to uneven wear of the inner ring of the sealing ring, which will make the urine flow upward into the casing and produce overflow.

3. The bearing arrangement and lubrication design of disc granulator are unreasonable, which easily leads to bearing burning.


The rotating part of disc granulator is realized by upper and lower rolling bearings. Rolling bearings mainly bear radial load, but can only bear small axial load. The disc granulator is installed vertically, the nozzle, central pipe and sleeve, pulley and urine make the above two rolling bearings mainly bear axial load, which is obviously unreasonable.

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