Difference Between Euro Top and Tight Top Mattress
Difference Between Euro Top and Tight Top Mattress
If you’ve had used your mattress for more than ten years, it is time for the replacement. Deciding which mattress to buy can be difficult if you’ve never used different type of mattresses .

Difference Between Euro Top and Tight Top Mattress

If you’ve had used your mattress for more than ten years, it is time for the replacement. Deciding which mattress to buy can be difficult if you’ve never used different type of mattresses 
Fortunately, we have multiple options to explore as per our requirements and budget. If you are not precise about your body’s needs, the large number of alternatives may seem overwhelming.
Among the different types of mattresses available in the market, it is super critical to know the right one for you. 
To decide the right mattress to buy, it’s important to understand the differences between tight top & euro top mattresses. The hardness of a mattress which is the foam’s ability to support a load decides the performance of the mattress. Too soft mattresses may bottom out and too firm will be uncomfortable.
So how to decide on the right mattress for you? By understanding the difference between the two popular kinds of mattresses that is the euro top mattress and the tight top mattress.
This blog post highlights the difference between euro top vs. tight top mattresses. Let us compare their benefits & drawbacks and conclude which one is right for you.

Euro Top Mattress – Pros and Cons 

Euro top mattresses are gaining tremendous popularity these days. The factors which are responsible for the popularity include the material, the softness and the supportive design. Euro Top Mattresses feature an additional layer of padding over the mattress. This add-on layer provides additional comfort and support.
This extra cushioning makes euro top mattresses a perfect choice for people suffering from back pain and helps them align the spine & relieve the pressure.
A euro-top mattress has a plush and cushioned feel part of the mattress. The top padding lines up along the edges of the mattresses.

Pros of Euro Top Mattress

Euro top mattresses have a fabric layer on the top which keeps them cooler than other mattresses. This feature makes them an ideal choice for people who are living in a warm/hot climate. Euro top mattresses offer extra padding and additional support & comfort. They are extremely advantageous for those having orthopaedic concerns, back pain, or who need additional comfort.

Cons of Euro Top Mattress

The cons of Euro top mattresses include the price and the weight. They are more expensive than any other mattresses and they can not be easily dragged/carried because of the heaviness of the weight. So, it is a good choice for those who are living in warm temperatures and who do not need to move their mattresses often.

Tight Top Mattress – Pros and Cons

A tight-top mattress does not feature any additional or special padding on the top of the mattress. However, that does not question the softness of the mattress but rather indicates the mattress will not provide a plushy cushioning feel. Tight tops will be firmer than euro tops. The tight tops offer a combination of firm or plush comfort levels.
Tight top mattresses are crafted out of a layer of foam or latex on top of a layer of coils to ensure support and durability.

Pros of Tight Top Mattress

The pros include the availability of tight-top mattresses at various price points. Another advantage is the comfort that they offer without any extra layer of padding that is found on Euro tops. Tight top mattresses are preferable over euro top mattresses for people who are looking for a budget-friendly, medium soft and durable mattress.

Cons of Tight Top Mattress

When we specifically discuss the goodness of tight top mattresses concerning back pain, they may fail to provide the same level of comfort as Euro tops. However, depending on the manufacturing process and the material used, the level of support for your back and spine may reach the level of euro-top mattresses. And since they are comparatively less expensive, it could be a good deal.


Unlike Euro-top mattresses, tight-top beds do not have a thick layer of cushioning on top of them. Both Euro and tight top mattresses, both offer cushiony comfort depending on the material used to craft them out. The primary distinctions between the two are the materials and aesthetics. Euro tops are of superior quality and are often more expensive. On the other side, the traditional tight-top mattress is a budget-friendly alternative.

Which Mattress is Right for You?

It is very critical to buy the mattress that is right for you. If you’re unsure about what you need or what would suit your body, take the guidance of our product specialists in deciding what would be the best online mattress for you.
A great night’s sleep is the first ritual to begin a great day. Allow us to help you transform your sleep into best.
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