Industrial Air Cooler: Is it an upgrade or a downgrade?
Keeping your workspace temperature and humidity at an optimum level is more important than most people think it is. The work environment in a place determines the work efficiency of your employees.

Keeping your workspace temperature and humidity at an optimumlevel is more important than most people think it is. The work environment in aplace determines the work efficiency of your employees. However, for mostplaces, air conditioners and electricity bills are too expensive to maintainregularly.


Air coolers are the ideal situation for such situations. Aircoolers have been years for decades and in recent times it has begun to gain popularityagain due to their many benefits. Industrial Air coolers in Dubai have proven to be efficient in satisfying the cooling needs of industries and individualsfor many decades now.


Over several years, global warming has been a major concern for theentire world, and finding environment-friendly alternatives should beencouraged. Air cooler is one such alternative as it consumes less electricityand power.


Why are Air coolers used in large-scale industries?

While air coolers are manufactured in varying sizes for bothpersonal and commercial use. In today’s age, air coolers are mainly used inlarge commercial areas as it is one of the most efficient forms of cooling.


Open spaces are ideal for Air coolers

The good news about air coolers is that they work best in open bigareas which is usually the case for most industries and commercial spaces. Theoutside environment plays no role in controlling the work of the air cooler.Unlike air conditioners which are strictly used in closed spaces. Mostcommercial spaces have people and goods coming in and out at all times. In suchcases, air conditioners fail to meet the required levels of cooling but youwill not face the same issue with air coolers.


Affordable for all businesses

Businesses have restricted starting capitals and not all of themcan afford expensive air conditioners and aircon services to maintain themachine. In such cases, one should most certainly consider purchasing industrial air coolers for their commercial space. An Industrial air cooler isbound to be within one's budget and it will most certainly meet your coolingrequirements without fail.


Energy Efficient

The energy efficiency of industrial air coolers is a big win as itis expected to be used for long hours. A piece of energy-efficient equipment isbound to lower the consumption of electricity thereby, bringing down the entirecost for cooling that is required to be paid by your business.


Its energy-efficient feature also makes industrial air coolers clean and environment-friendly. Using clean energy is something all businessesshould be proud of.



Industrial air coolers are much more sturdy and have a longer lifespan in comparison to most air conditioners. Industrial air coolers are morereliable as it has low installation and maintenance hassles. Having a piece ofsturdy equipment with low chances of breakdowns and cleaning requirements is abig benefit in the long run for your business as this will save time and money.


Industrial Air coolers provide actual cooling

It is important to note that air conditioners and fans onlycirculate the already present air to make it more comfortable for your workers.However, industrial air coolers work actively to bring down the temperature ofthe surrounding in reality by evaporating water. Evaporation of water allowsthe heat to escape from your work environment actively.


Industrial air coolers allow you to save the planet

Industrial air coolers are eco-friendly. They are not an activesource of global warming, unlike air conditioners. Industrial air coolers function mainly due to the evaporation process of the water present insidethem. This produces no toxic chemicals or gases into the air as evaporation isa physical change.


As industrial coolers are largely based on the evaporation ofwater, it allows the machine to work at a very low power rating. This furthermakes industrial air coolers better for the environment as consumption of powerand electricity is related to damage to nature and the planet.



Choosing the right machine for your business is never an easydecision as it is a long-term investment. However, a little market research andinformed decision can play a big role in the success of your business venturein the long run. Making decisions that boost efficiency and reliability, isbound to boost your profit margins.

While you make a business decision that is bestfor you and your company, it is important to remember that your company willstand nowhere if this planet does not flourish. So, ensure you make decisionskeeping in mind the benefit of the planet as well.