Choose the Correct Antifreeze by Understanding the Colour
If you are accustomed to the antifreeze or the coolant that is used in cars then you will know that all these antifreeze comes in various colours.

If you are accustomed to the antifreeze or the coolant that is used in cars then you will know that all these antifreeze comes in various colours. These are antifreeze coolant dyes however they have very important meaning attached to them and you should choose the colour properly in order to get the correct antifreeze for your car.


Why Different Colours?

The antifreeze coolant ranges from red, pink, yellow and also have a brown colour as well. There are several colours but what do these colours mean? Do they mean anything, or it is just the colour to make it look better. Well, there are several technologies that have been developed by the Engineers and these are some of the reason why they are the colour they are and why you should choose antifreeze coolant dyes very judiciously.

1. Old Days- in old days the chemicals used in the coolants were the main source of their colour. Thus it was one of the most predictable coolants during those times and it was easy to choose the items.

2. Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT)- this was a new technology and the name states the Inorganic Additive technology was used in some other older coolants and it used to have an only blue or green colour. These coolants have to be changed very frequently like every two years.

3. Organic Acid Technology (OAT)- organic Acid Technology is a comparatively new technology and the chemical make-up offered the best protection of the cooling systems. These are also called the Extended Life Coolants and generally come in the orange colour. There are so many coolants that are Hybrids and are made to optimise the level of the work.

4. Newer Coolants- Prestone is one of the newer coolants that is solely based on the OAT. They offer a 10 year life protection and Prestone is yellow but it can come in other different colours as well.

5. Recent Years- Now the coolants come in any colour and they are not so chemical specific and this makes the scene very difficult to understand the antifreeze/ coolants. It can be blue, green, yellow, orange or in any other colour.

In today’s world, it is very difficult to understand the chemicals that are being used just by looking at their colour hence you can just go for Prestone if you are confused with the chemical composition.


Uses of Antifreeze/ coolant

Well as the name suggests the Cooler/ antifreeze ensures that the engine is not too heated in Summer and they also make sure that it does not freeze if the temperature falls below the freezing point. Thus in a way they protect the Engine and keep the car in a safe and good condition.



This will make you understand why you should use antifreeze/ coolant dye and not any simple coolant like water.

1. It can be mixed with any product- The Prestone is safe is used with every coolant and hence can be used to fill the reservoir.

2. It provides unbeatable protection- The coolant is the best way to protect the car engine from any substantial damage.

3. Guaranteed Corrosion Protection- not only as of the antifreeze or as coolant it can be also used as a guaranteed corrosion protector and can protect your Engine from the damage of corrosion and that gives a reason big enough to choose this product for further years.

4. It is ready to use- You do not need anything to mix and you just top it up and let your car slide. This is the easiest method that is there.

5. Zero Deposits- water as a coolant was not preferred for a long time only because of the fact that it sets limescale and causes problems. However, Antifreeze Coolant Dye does not set anything behind.

These are the features that make the Antifreeze coolant Dyes so popular in recent years.



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